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Friday, September 11, 2015


On Saturday, August 29th, I decided to ride my bicycle to downtown Reno and have a few Martinis at my favorite bar, Roxy's Lounge in the Eldorado casino. I was about to leave my house and thought about first changing the shirt I was wearing.
I had on my bright red Great Basin Brewing Company 'Chilebeso' T-shirt, which says in big, bold letters on the front "FIRE UP", and has a picture of a skull on the back. The bar is a somewhat classy piano lounge, and normally I wouldn't want to wear such a loud shirt to it. (Frankly, I'm pleasantly surprised they even let a Santa Monica/Venice "Dogtown" urchin like me in the place, regardless of the shirt I wear.)
But at the last second I decided to wear the bright red, loud shirt. Remember this, you'll need it later...

So I rode to downtown and had a few Martinis at the lounge.
Right toward the end, I was looking at the TV on the wall and began seeing double. This shocked me because even when I'm very drunk, I never see double. Seeing double is kind a drinker's joke, but it's rarely a "real thing".

So, I was kind of mystified by my strange vision as I left the bar. Instead of getting right on my bicycle, I decided to walk under the Reno arch sign and just down the street for a block or two.

Right after I went past the Reno arch, on the East side of Virginia Street, I heard and saw some commotion in front of little Siri's Casino. There were three really big Black guys and a number of White guys - some of them biker-looking individualist rebels with tattoos. You know... the usual. 
Black Guy "A" was somewhat tall, but also rather overweight, and he seemed to be at the center of the argument, raising his voice while some of the White guys hollered back. I couldn't hear any words distinctly, and I was just leaning against a pole watching to see what would happen. It looked like a brawl was going to break out at any second. (By the way, the double vision was already gone at this point.)

Then the biggest of the three Black guys, "B" (who seemed gigantic), got between "A" and the White crowd and began pushing, or rather straight-arming him, backwards, trying to separate "Mr. A" from the scene. "B" kept pushing and urging "A" backwards, South, toward the corner of Second Street. All the while, "A" was still shouting at the crowd and flailing his arms around, and the White guys were yelling back at him.

Finally, B got A to the corner and they turned it and headed West on Second Street, out of sight of the crowd at Siri's Casino now. 

I was thinking how they did the right thing, avoiding an unnecessary brawl (which they were gonna lose anyway, based on the numbers). I was thinking how Jesus would approve of their "turning the other cheek", so to speak. And that they potentially "turned a corner" in their lives when they turned that corner. I had these thoughts of how I wanted to tell them that Jesus approved of their walking away from the violence.

Then I felt I wanted to, or should, walk to the corner and see where they'd gone. So I headed in that direction. When I got to it, I looked down Second Street and saw them about half a block down, talking amongst themselves on the sidewalk. Then I thought I wanted to, or should, walk past them to hear what they were saying and see if anything happened when I went by. I don't know why, but I really felt compelled to walk past them, on the same sidewalk.

So, I crossed Virginia Street and headed toward them down Second Street.
As I got close to them, Black Guy A looked at me and said, "Hey, man, you saw that shit!"
(I was surprised that he spoke to me, and really amazed that he had seen me at all, because I was completely across the street during the ruckus, and he was in the midst of a crowd and very angry. How he could have noticed me on the other side of the street when he was damn near coming to blows with the White guys was mystifying to me. It later occurred to me that he probably noticed me because of the really bright red T-shirt with the big, bold yellow printing across the front of it. Thinking about it after the fact, I began to believe that I was MEANT to wear that shirt, and that's why I didn't change into something more subdued just before I left the house on my bike. I also began to think the "seeing double" might have had more to do with The Holy Spirit coming upon me than it had to do with unholy "spirits" working within me.)
So, he says loudly, "Hey, man, you saw that shit!" As if he expected me to agree that he'd been wronged in some way.
I answered, "Yeah, I saw it, but I don't know what it was all about. And it doesn't matter. All I know is that Jesus---"
At that moment, Black Guy B held out his upturned palm toward me and said, "Hey, take a snort of this." In the middle of his HUGE palm (it was like a massive bear's paw) was a round spot of cocaine.
Right then, Guy A grabbed Guy B's wrist and said, "Man, put that shit away!"
(I don't know if Guy A thought I might be an undercover narcotics officer, if he feared cops were observing this from somewhere nearby, or if he felt the Spirit and instinctively knew that offering me cocaine was inappropriate.)
I also reached out my hand and grasped Guy B's forearm (which was like a tree trunk) and I gently pushed it away. At that same moment, these words just came out of me, totally unpremeditated. I still can't even believe I said this:
"No. But Jesus Christ told me to tell you that right now - RIGHT NOW!! - you are on the path of Truth!"

And with that, I immediately turned and continued walking West on Second Street. I couldn't hear a word being said behind me. I don't know if they had fallen entirely silent, or if I was, like, in some sort of Spiritual bubble that "this world" couldn't penetrate for awhile. All I know is that there seemed to be complete silence.
Then I walked straight to my favorite Catholic church (I'm not Catholic) - a block or two further West on Second Street - where Jesus had answered my passionate prayers in 2001. And I was sitting on the steps of the church when I texted my Brother Nappy and another friend and said that I'd just had an amazing Spiritual experience.

And that's the entire story. I didn't see the Black guys later when I went back to the Eldorado casino, unlocked my bicycle and rode home.

Hearing this story for the first time, Brother Nappy replied: "Wow, that was interesting. The words just came to you?"

I wrote back: "Yeah, they just came out in an instant. NO WAY would I presume to speak for Jesus, if I took even one second to think about it beforehand."

Jubilant Sykes - 'If I Got My Ticket'

~ Stephen T. McCarthy


  1. Great song! I'll have to check it out to see who's piping in the harmonica.
    Amazing Spiritual Experiences build trust and that's important to me. They remind me to continue trusting even when there's a tiny moment of doubt. And yes, I can have them.
    Sounds like your immediate response in delivering the message contained no doubt. to me, that's the amazing part. Being in the right place, right time, right shirt, and then doing!!
    I pray they keep on the path!

      According to my liner notes, the harmonica is being played by a man named David McKelvy.

      Yes, these sorts of things do build trust. With enough of them, you sort of have things to hang your hat on while waiting for things to get ironed out in rougher times. You can always think back and remember those unexplainable events, and then rest assured that God is every bit in charge now as He was back then.

      That's when I can really believe EGBOK! (Everything's Gonna Be OK!)

      Yeah, Dixie, I had neither doubts or expectations. I had no idea what this was about. I was just being prompted or compelled to do and say things and I merely complied with the instructions I was receiving.

      Yes, I too hope that at least one of the guys felt he'd been Spiritually called in some way and that he too follows the instructions he receives.

      ~ D-FensDogG
      'Loyal American Underground'

    2. I'm also reminded of the scripture Psalms 81:9-11.

      9"Let there be no strange god among you; Nor shall you worship any foreign god. 10"I, the LORD, am your God, Who brought you up from the land of Egypt; Open your mouth wide and I will fill it. 11"But My people did not listen to My voice, And Israel did not obey Me.…

      It is that 'opening the mouth wide' that allows the words to come forth from Him, and not of ourselves.

      Many have struggled to do that. We've quite a few examples in the testaments.

      The same One who gave the words, gave you the strength to obey.

      If you think about it further - it is not only that night's situation and those people affected by your obedience... but also the participants who come along and read your sharing of this event.

      Like a pebble, dropped in the pond, and the rippling effects. When you don't know the size of the pond, you're unable to measure the amount of goodness and light it gives. Well done, you. (smile)


    3. Thanks, DIXIE P. POLKA.
      You make good sense. For awhile, I was unsure about posting this story on my blog. On one hand, I thought perhaps it was just too personal - a private interaction between Guy A, Guy B, Yeshua, and myself. Maybe it should remain private - in the street where it occurred - and not offered for public consumption on a blog.

      On the other hand, I worried that if I posted it, would it be, or appear to be, an attempt to garner some attention for myself? Trying to show myself publicly to others (and thus attempting to impress them) as a Wooo-Wooo Spiritual guy?

      I couldn't decide - going back and forth - so finally I prayed to Yeshua about it and decided to wait for a sign, either yea or nay.

      I'd told the story to Nappy and FAE, and both of them later stated that they thought I should post it on my blog. So, that was the "Two Witnesses" I needed to give me the OK to publish it here.

      And you're right, DIXIE. Maybe there's some positive work this could do for someone else who will come across it here at some point. Maybe someone else could take something beneficial away from this and apply it in their own life. I dunno.

      So... here it remains, while I... go to work on my next BOTB installment for September 15th.

      ~ D-FensDogG

  2. You have an edge to you called curiousity:) I have the same thing and sometimes it works to your advantage and other times, it doesn't. Glad it worked this time and that you could chill both of these men with what you said. I bet they never thought they would hear that from you. The first guy looks like he was really wanting a fight.

    1. BIRGIT ~
      Ha! I think I may have edges to me beyond just "curiosity".

      >>... I bet they never thought they would hear that from you.

      Believe me, I never thought they'd hear that from me, either. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I would speak in Christ's name, speaking FOR Him, as if inspired by Him to do so. I've had many Spiritual experiences, and some every bit as wild as this one was. But I've never spoken on His behalf to anyone before.

      Shortly after the experience, I started worrying that maybe I'd been totally misguided, and had sinned by saying that HE told me what to tell them, when I didn't actually hear His voice in my mind, dictating.

      But later I realized that it was a Spiritually inspired moment, and the Words weren't my own, They, His Words, just used me as a kind of megaphone. It all happened so fast that it couldn't possibly have been me fooling myself.

      >>... The first guy looks like he was really wanting a fight.

      Replaying it in my mind later, over and over, something that really stands out to me is this:

      At the beginning, Guy A was nearly out of control and heading for big trouble. But his buddy, Guy B, had the presence of mind to step in and lead "A" away from the scene and prevented things from getting physically violent (a fight leading to jail - maybe even prison).

      But when I came on the scene, suddenly it was Guy B who was acting out of line (offering cocaine to me, a total stranger on the street), and it was Guy A who tried to correct him before big trouble ensued.

      In other words, in just a matter of a few minutes, the two friends had reversed roles. And yet, they were both attempting to redirect each other toward a more proper path.

      For some reason, I find that fascinating.

      ~ D-FensDogG

  3. I am so glad to see that when prompted by the Spirit you did not shy away from the responsibility (most do, you know). The Lord does work in mysterious ways and chooses to use us at times and in ways we least expect. It is especially heartening when those HE asks you to speak to, listen. More often than not, that has not been my experience, but no matter, it's still important to 'open your mouth'.

    Just one more testament to the fact that you my friend are a Good Man and loved by our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, probably more than you know.

  4. I'm glad you shared this. This is a fantastic post, right down to the bright red Chilebeso shirt (of which I'm endlessly envious - red being my favorite color, and Chilebeso being my favorite jalapeno beer). No matter what the occasion, it's never too loud for jalapeno beer.

    Knowing you personally, I can vouch that this isn't the kind of story you uploaded just to draw attention to yourself. It's an amazing thing that happened that deserves to be talked about, and it's full of great lessons. Not just listening (I mean REAL listening), but the value of turning the other cheek. We all know that you're a rough around the edges tough guy. We know you can handle yourself. It's inspiring, then, that the first words you say are how much you value turning the other cheek.

    As for the message you got, well, I've never had the privilege of receiving one of those. But I know enough people that have received them to rule out you being crazy. Well, I know you're still crazy after all these beers, but just not in this particular regard.


    1. 6-B ~
      Yeah, I'm still crazy after all these beers... and mojitos, and margaritias, wine, gin & tonics, bourbon & 7s, martinis, mint juleps, 91% Isopropyl Alcohol Antiseptic, and so on and so forth.

      Nah, I yak a tough game, but the real tough one is "Little Mad Guy" (aka "Judge Al Bondigas"). I turn the other cheek strictly out of fear. Ha!

      Truthfully, there's not much that's worth hitting one's Spiritual Brother for. We all have the same Pa and the same Big Brother Holy King. So, what's all this hitting about?

      I won't say that I can't be driven to pop a person, but I literally can't even remember the last time I did it. When we hit another person, we hit ourselves.

      Loved the comment! Thanks!

      When this happened, I scarcely even knew what was going on. It was like I had somehow stepped outside of myself to some degree, to make room for The Holy Spirit. I had NO IDEA I was going to say that. And shortly afterwards, I was thinking to myself: Oh, my God! I told them that Jesus told ME! ...I didn't hear Him tell me anything. But I WAS hearing what He was telling me as His words went out of my mouth. I was hearing Him tell me in the same act in which I was telling THEM! (Weird. Hard to 'splain.)

      ~ D-FensDogG

  5. And here you were thinking they were doing the "right thing".

    Disappointing. But, if the spirit moves you, and you get away safe, count your blessings you gave the right message. I'm agnotic myself, but who's to say something doesn't put the right person in the right place with words of wisdom. Perhaps the lesson was for you, not them?

    1. AHHH, DONNA! ~
      Do you really think I would ever "disappoint"? Disappoint you or others, in matters of importance. It couldn't happen!!!

      I love ya, JESSICA "CARROT CAKE" RABBIT, and I would NEVER disappoint ya, Honey Bunny!

      I could 'splain what you've misinterpreted in this blog bit, and what you've not considered, but... [as Ol' Waylon sang in 'Trouble Man'].... (Link:->) "I DON'T EXPLAIN IF YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND".

      That's not a personal insult. Just a longstanding personal policy.

      But not to worry, my dear friend! There's no need (and no good reason) to remain an "agnostic".

      Will you allow "The Sexiest Man On The Planet" to make some serious reading recommendations?

      Start with 15-minutes reading time in "The Holy Bible". Buy one, borrow one from your local library, or steal one.

      Just read the five sections of "1st JOHN".

      No, not "John", the 21-chapter-long fourth Gospel (i.e., fourth "book" of "The Gospels", and fourth "book" of the New Testament).

      I'm yakking 'bout the 5-CHAPTER long "1st JOHN" - found toward the back of The Bible - after "2nd Peter" and before "Jude".

      That, my dear friend, is the ENTIRE BIBLE in 5 chapters, or 15-minutes worth of reading time.

      After you've read the five chapters of "1st John", put The Bible away. DON'T "throw it away". Just "put it away"... temporarily.

      Now... Next... I want you to buy, beg, borrow or steal a copy of the book "BEAUTIFUL OUTLAW" by John Eldredge. Read it. (You will LOVE Yeshua - "Jesus Christ" - long before you finish reading that book. I only WISH I was the "Outlaw" that Jesus was!!!)

      Then, if you're a real reader, read the highly intellectual book 'EVIDENCE FOR FAITH' by John Warwick Montgomery. It's out of print (of course!), but you can buy a used copy on many different websites.

      After that, watch this video: (Link:->) 'THE DISCOVERY OF NOAH'S ARK' by G. Edward Griffin.

      Then... you will want, Want, WANT to go back to reading your Bible, from "Genesis" to "Revelation".

      You can thank me later. (A case of Tanqueray's 'BOMBAY SAPPHIRE GIN' should suffice.)

      ~ D-FensDogG

  6. I'm trying to think if there's ever been a time when I've said something to someone that I know was The Holy Spirit versus myself. I realize I don't have any experiences quite like yours. I do think the testimony I gave at camp was prompted by the Holy Spirit (since I really didn't want to do it and was woken out of a sound sleep with the conviction that I should).

    1. ROBIN ~
      I tend to agree about your testimony at camp having been Holy Spirit-inspired. For one thing, the idea came to you spontaneously, and wasn't really something you were eager to do. It was more like something you "had/needed" to do.

      Also, reading what you said and the way you organized it, leads me to believe you were getting Spiritual help, because that was some powerful stuffs, and accurate! Very nicely done, Girl Wonder!

      ~ D-FensDogG
      Loyal American Underground'


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