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Monday, August 1, 2016


Republican Vs. Democrat, Male Vs. Female, War Vs. Peace, Light Vs. Dark, Good Vs. Evil, Man Vs. Machine, Love Vs. Hate, Dog Vs. Cat, Sun Vs. Moon, Brain Vs. Brawn, Oscar Vs. Grammy, Angel Vs. Demon, Laurel Vs. Hardy, Beer Vs. Wine, TV Vs. Radio, Pitcher Vs. Batter, Paper Vs. Plastic, Reality Vs. Fantasy, Yeshua Vs. Beelzebub, Conservative Vs. Liberal, You Vs. Me, House Vs. Senate, Offense Vs. Defense, Kramer Vs. Kramer, Spy Vs. Spy, Fischer Vs. Spassky, W.C. Fields Vs. Sobriety, Harold Gimpy, Jr. Vs. Sheldon J. Pismire, Rock Vs. Paper Vs. Scissors, Islam Vs. Everything, Singer Vs. Singer, Band Vs. Band...


Shoop-Shooby –
Shooby-duh-Dooby-Doop-Dooby-Dooby-Doo-Wah –

Yes, it’s time once again for ‘Battle Of The Bands’ (‘BOTB’)

Alright, let’s get on it...

[NOTE: Due to my work schedule, I won't get to many BOTB contests until Thursday. But I WILL be by in time to cast my votes. And I apologize about the screwed up multi-size text but Blogger has gone all buggy again. The I.T. guys must have "fixed" something that wasn't broken again and broke what was working just fine. Always out to justify being on the payroll and making us miserable in the process.]

We're moving into "the dog days of Summer" (except in Phoenix where it won't be "the dog days of Summer" until sometime in October). It's hot and we're tired of it

This BOTB installment could have been titled 'Refreshing Summer Sex (Or, Big Sticks Versus Push-Ups)'.

'Closing Time', the debut album by Tom Waits was released in 1973 and it included an original song titled 'ICE CREAM MAN' which began with the following lyrics:

I'll be clickin' by your house about two forty-five
Sidewalk Sundae, Strawberry Surprise
 I got a Cherry Popsicle right on time
A Big Stick, mama, that'll blow your mind!

Well, considering that ALL 'Big Sticks' look alike and one isn't any more apt to blow a woman's mind than another one is...

...something tells me that the ice cream is not really what Tom Waits had in mind.

The eponymous debut album by Van Halen in 1978 also included a song titled 'ICE CREAM MAN'. Their recording was actually a "Van Halenized" version of an old Blues song by a mostly forgotten singer-songwriter named John Brim (link> 'Ice Cream Man'). John Brim / David Lee Roth don't mention 'Big Sticks' but they do say...

I got Puddin' Pie Banana, Dixie Cups
All flavors and Push-Ups, too.

And again, I think this 'Push-Up' may not be an ice cream. 

'Big Sticks' may be bigger but 'Push-Ups' are in better shape. And besides, does size really matter? ...Well, when it comes to ice cream, it sure as hell DOES matter!

As you've already guessed by now, this installment of 'BATTLE OF THE BANDS' is really 'BATTLE OF THE ICE CREAM MEN'. Play, Listen, and Vote.

ICE CREAM MAN by Tom Waits


ICE CREAM MAN by Van Halen

Alright now, “you know the gig”... I welcome you (whoever you are) to vote for your favorite of these songs in the comment section below. And feel free to tell us WHY you chose one song over the other. 

After voting here, I suggest - actually I insist - you pop over to the blogs of the other 'BATTLE OF THE BANDS' participants to see which songs they have chosen and vote there also. (If their ‘BOTB’ blog bits aren’t posted yet, pour yourself two shots of ‘Grand Marnier’ over ice – do it twice – and then return to their blogs to vice your voice ...vote your vice ...voice your vote.)

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As I've done in the past, I will continue to return to my 'BOTB' blog bits on the 7th and 21st of each month to post my own votes and announce the winners in the comment sections.

~ Stephen T. McCarthy


  1. I hope you don't have to work in this heat. I a, waiting for nice cooler days so I can open all the windows and have 22C and nice cool nights and plenty of rain! Ok, Van Halen is brilliant on the guitar..brilliant! I like th Blues style they gave but I am voting for Tom Waits. I like the blues boogie woogie and the music box piece especially at the end so Tom gets my vote. Considering they meaning behind Popsicle, I'm not sure a brown Popsicle is something to look forward to

    1. A brown Popsicle? That would be chocolate-flavored, right?

      Fortunately, BIRGIT, my job keeps me exclusively indoors.

      Thanks for the vote, my Canadian friend!

      ~ D-FensDogG
      'Loyal American Underground'

  2. A tough battle, since the VH song is awesome, but the TW album is one my all time favorites ever.

    Both have their moments, but I have to go with Mr. Waits.


    1. LC ~
      Yeah, I had you figgered this way on this one.

      ~ D-FensDogG

    2. If it was a different day I may have gone VH-lots of energy, good summer song...but at my advanced age, I probably should stick with my first vote.

  3. Stephen, Both Ice Cream Man songs are new-to-me. Bot songs are good, but after listening to them, I think I like song #1 the best. I preferred TW's style. So, give my vote to Tom Waits.

    1. Thanks, CATHY~
      Uh-oh! I need a Hard Rocker's vote here to break up this little shutout.

      Isn't there anyone out there (women, I mean) who prefer lean and healthy to large and... well, just large, I guess.

      ~ D-FensDogG

  4. I had never heard either of the songs before. While listening to Tom Waits, it made me think of Tennessee Ernie Ford's '16 Tons' https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jIfu2A0ezq0 Growing up, I always like the Homer & Jethro version of that song.

    Van Halen definitely rocked their song and it was good. But when it comes down to a vote... my heart goes back to my childhood memories.

    Giving my vote to Tom Waits

    Jingle Jangle Jungle

    1. MARY ~
      Ha! '16 Tons'... I use that a lot in my writing. When I'm looking to make up some figure for something, I often reach for "sixteen tons", based on that Tennessee Ernie Ford hit.

      "She started telling me what was wrong with my Spiritual beliefs, and when she finished, there was sixteen tons of bullshit in that comment section."

      Thank you, Tennessee Ernie Ford, for your Math-Made-Easy program!

      An "innocence found" vote for Tom.

      ~ D-FensDogG

  5. I like Van Halen, and I have never gotten past Tom Wait's lousy voice. To me, there are voices that are good but I don't like them (Karen Carpenter comes to mind) and bad that I don't like (Willie Nelson comes to mind); then there are bad voices that I like (Tom Petty, Bob Dylan).

    But Tom Waits brings bad singing to a whole new level. His writing is great (I've learned that from you), but this song was not really great writing so that part of the equation is absent.

    We are left with... nuttin' going for Waits for me on this song, especially since I have ZERO desire for a big cherry popsicle.

    I like Van Halen anyway, I love the guitar work, and like a good Push Up. Van Halen gets my vote (as I am sure you knew before posting this contest.

    1. SBB-6 ~
      When I'm putting a BOTB installment together, I never attempt to guess how all of my regulars will vote. However, based on the music, at different times various regulars will pop into my mind and I'll think something like: Oh, I'll bet So-And-So will vote for Such-And-Such.

      For instance, this time I thought of Janie Junebug, because I (evidently mistakenly) had the impression she was a fan of David Lee Roth and Hard Rock. So, I did have the thought: I'll bet Janie is a vote for Van Halen. [WRONG!]

      I don't recall us ever discussing Van Halen before, but knowing you like Jazz and some Blues, it DID occur to me that you would be voting for Tom Waits. [WRONG!]

      I agree with you about Tom Waits and his bad singing, but NOT on this song! In fact, NOT on his first two albums, plus the movie soundtrack for 'ONE FROM THE HEART'.

      Waits didn't start faking that growling voice until his third album. But on his first two (and the movie soundtrack because it needed to appeal to mainstream audiences) he used his "normal" voice and I think it's an A-1 "Classic" Blues/Jazz singer's voice. Deep, manly, rugged 'n' ragged but NOT that fake guttural nonsense he adopted for effect later on.

      Agreed that this song does not feature Tom's really imaginative lyrical ability, but how about that piano? The raw, electric Blues guitar sound coming from a $10.00 speaker, and that chunky, toe-tapping rhythm? I love ALL of those elements of this song, and I'm really surprised that you didn't.

      I'm with you though on the "cherry popsicle". No thanks! I could go for a couple of big Dixie Cups though! :-D

      Yep, your vote and comment surprised me this time, but that kinda thing keeps BOTB interesting for me.

      ~ D-FensDogG

    2. >>I don't recall us ever discussing Van Halen before, but knowing you like Jazz and some Blues, it DID occur to me that you would be voting for Tom Waits<<

      I thought we'd discussed VH before. I was on to them within weeks of you being on 'em... which was pretty early. I thought they were awesome, and thought they had a different sound from any other rock band I'd heard. I really liked early VH. (I liked later VH too when they added a lot of synthesizers, which I know you loathe).

      >>he used his "normal" voice and I think it's an A-1 "Classic" Blues/Jazz singer's voice. Deep, manly, rugged 'n' ragged but NOT that fake guttural nonsense he adopted for effect later on.<<

      Unfortunately, I am not a fan of either voice... although the ragged voice is worse. But even with the early voice he simply has a WHOLE lot of trouble finding the note he needs to hit, and typically settles on one in the general vicinity as "good enough." I went back to find a concrete example to say l"isten to the note ___ seconds into it"... but, it isn't necessary. Off-key notes abound. But I agree with you about the piano. Great! I like the jazzy, shuffling drum work. I don't hate the song, I just have trouble getting past that voice. I want to add that I have only listened to Waits material that you have posted or sent me, other than a couple of songs 35 years ago. The body of his work is unfamiliar to me, so perhaps with a lot of exposure I'd change my mind.

    3. We may have discussed VH and I just don't recall it.

      I thought their first album was an instant classic. I grew tired of the second one very quickly and determined that they were just treading water with it. There were no really standout "classic" Rock tracks on that, in my opinion.

      I felt they made a strong comeback with their third album, and that one, along with the debut are the only two I own today. (Don't play either one of them very often though.)

      After that, I felt everything was just "variations on a theme" and their whole bag of tricks had been seen. But they really changed the face of Hard Rock with Eddie's "Tapping" technique.

      As for Tom's "technical" singing ability, well... you have your view and that's as it should be. Me, I say there are very, very few technically proficient singers in all of Rock. (I can sing as well as most of them, and by no means do I consider myself any kind of singer.)

      Plus, what Tom does is predominately about "mood" or "style", like so many other Blues singers. I mean, Lightnin' Hopkins, Howlin' Wolf, Big Bill Broonzy, Muddy, Robert, Stevie... is there a technically sound singer in the bunch? Nah. It's all about mood and attitude.

      >>... The body of his work is unfamiliar to me, so perhaps with a lot of exposure I'd change my mind.

      Ha!-Ha! Yeah, that's it. You just need to listen to it more, then you'd find I'm right about everything.

      ~ D-FensDogG

    4. Dear Mr. McCarthy,

      I'm impressed by your knowledge of music. You are no poseur.


    5. Dear LOVE JANIE,
      Thank you very much!

      And I am impressed that you wrote "poseur" rather than the artless, philistine version: "poser".

      ~ D-FensDogG

    6. I may not know music, but I know what I like!

      >>Me, I say there are very, very few technically proficient singers in all of Rock.<<

      I'll agree with that, but my problem with Waits isn't that is not "technically proficient." It is that he often misses the particular note he was aiming for. At least Willie Nelson hits the right note... even if it is through his nose.

      Now, Tony Williams of the Platters... THAT guy had a great voice!

    7. SBB-6 ~
      Ironically, I was in one of my favorite grocery stores about 2 hours ago (Grocery Outlet), and the girl behind the register was named Stormie.

      She couldn't have been over 20 years old, so I figured for sure she didn't know the song by the same name (different spelling though).

      I said to her, "Do you know the Carlos Santana so---". That was as far as I got before she said, "Oh, yes! Yes!" I just started laughing, because it was obvious she'd heard this a godzillion times.

      She said that in school all of her teachers always mentioned it, and one teacher in particular (Science, I think) would start to sing it every time she entered the classroom.

      As I was leaving the store I thought: Well, hell. Greg Walker -- now there's a Rock vocalist who could seriously sing! He was easily the best singer Santana ever hired, and I don't know if there's a note that mofo couldn't hit.

      Greg Walker had that classically perfect Black "Soul" singer's voice -- like Marvin Gaye, only better, in my opinion.

      That guy should have been a mega-star in his own right! He had it all: fantastic voice, awesome chops, great emotional feeling, good-looking dude in a cool "Superfly" kind of way.

      Honestly, if there's ever been a better singer in Rock, I don't know who it was.

      (Link>) 'STORMY' by Carlos Santana, with vocalist Greg Walker

      Some really good ones are Kenny Loggins, Pat Benatar, Steve Perry (although I don't care for his high-pitched, girly voice), Marvin and several other 'Soul' singers. LC will be happy to know that I even think Todd Rundgren was one of the better Rock vocalists. But I'd take Greg Walker over any of them.

      ~ D-FensDogG

  6. Honesty is the best policy, so here's my confession for August 1, subtitled "Every Day I'm Wafflin'" and dedicated to you.

    Saw the line up and automatically thought, no sweat - Tom Waits. I know, I know, he had a voice that is an acquired taste but I've always found something to like with Waits.

    I didn't expect Van Halen to do this justice on any level; then again, that is SO dependent on who was the front man at the time, too.

    So, Waits would have it but I am actually giving brownie points to Van Halen (and that puts them over the top) because I can't believe they pulled it off.

    By the way, I'm a banana popsicle kinda gal (something is wrong with the new banana flavor or my taste buds have changed...I may have to go to my fall back cherry flavor...).

    I'm SURE that all these guys are talking about is popsicles...it's un-American to dislike popsicles. But there's always Italian Ice to fall back on.

    Tutte le cose buone a te, amico mio!

    1. DOC CHERDO ~
      I'll never forget the first time I heard that debut album by Van Halen in 1978. It was a mind-blower. Eddie started a whole new revolution in electric guitar playing and his influence is still all over the place.

      I like banana-flavored everything, but I don't like watermelon-flavored anything. I'm not even fond of watermelon-flavored watermelon.

      Avocadoes, bananas, tomatoes, Margaritas and Mojitos are the only fruits I really love.

      OK, chalk up another vote for David Van Rothlen

      Sto solo aspettando l'altra scarpa a goccia.

      ~ D-Fens Van DogGen

    2. Cherdo shocks me with her vote. I like frozen strawberry margaritas with a sugar rim (I know it's a girly drink), but I don't have them often. I had two recently when I went out to dinner with Willy Dunne Wooters. I thought I was gonna throw up in the car when he went around curves. WDW is a wild driver.

    3. If I drink 18 'Blue Hawaiians', eat the little umbrellas, and throw the pineapple wedges at the bouncer, doesn't that turn those girly drinks into manly drinks?

      Just askin'...

      ~ D-FensDog

  7. I vote for Tom Waits. He reminds me a bit of Squirrel Nut Zippers, whom I liked very much. Willy Dunne Wooters has a big stick that he ever so kindly shares with me. Van Halen was good sometimes, but I don't want to think about David Lee Roth giving anything to me.


    1. LOVE JANIE ~
      As I told SBB-6 above, I had you pegged as a Van Halen voter. You can still change your mind -- you can change your feelings.

      Yeah, David Lee Roth... that guy has to be just one walking, talking, breathing STD.

      Still, I gotta admit that the Roth-led version of Van Halen is the only configuration of that band I will acknowledge. I had no use whatsoever for "Van Hagar".

      In fact, Sammy Hagar is, like, the dictionary definition of a pedestrian Rock singer. I never could find one single notable quality he brought to any song other than his wavy, blonde hair. Bleh! That guy was like "A Big Zero" in my book. He couldn't drive 55, but he sure could drive me into an afternoon nap.

      ~ D-FensDogG

    2. I liked Van Halen--sometimes. Not enough to change my vote.

  8. Are you sure this is about popsicles? ☺
    I've never heard either of these songs before, but I liked them both and thought Tom Waits sounded better than usual. I have to give it to Diamond Dave and Van Halen, though. They rocked it. Looks like this is a minority opinion. Oh well!

    1. On the contrary, DEBBIE, I'm quite certain these songs are NOT about Popsicles... or Big Sticks... or Push-Ups.

      But as Zevon zaid, "I don't wanna talk about it."

      I was CERTAIN that Van Halen had your vote in the bag, Debbie. And they may have fallen behind early, but they're definitely starting to be heard from now as the votes come in.

      ~ D-FensDogG

  9. Hey there Saint Mac;

    Well, I'm in the Phoenix area this week (Kingman as of this post) and its not as hot as it was last month. Thankfully.

    And yes, when it comes to ice cream, size does matter, lol. That little mini just wouldn't do. But, I'm partial to orange cream (two tone) and they are just not as big, or messy, as that big stick. But sometimes, I just enjoy sucking on the big stick, lol. Remember the DQ Dilly bars? That cherry vanilla made me melt every time, but the butterscotch, was heaven. Ah, so sad I've lost a lot of my sweet tooth. I miss popsicles :)

    Well, flirting aside . . I was sure I'd be the Van Halen fan girl here, but I really preferred the jazzy style of Tom Waits. The bluesy sound doesn't make this song - delicious.

    1. WILD THING ~
      Phoenix... the hottest city in America! Ya gotta lo--- ...HATE it!

      No, I'm with you: that little mini-Push-Up would just barely be enough to taste my tease buds.

      I remember DQ Dilly Bars but never had the cherry-vanilla, dang it!

      There were no Dairy Queens in Los Angeles when I was growing up there, so I only encountered them while on vacations out-of-state. Therefore, I've always associated DQ with vacations, making them seem even that much mo' bettah.

      I've always been a Blizzard kind of guy. I love their Blizzards. I don't bet money much, but in my youth I used "Molson Golden" beer as my medium of exchange when making a bet with someone. Nowadays, I tend to bet Blizzards...

      "I'll bet you a large Blizzard I can drink this entire case vodka without passing ou....."

      OK, it's the Jazzy-Bluesy sound of Tom Waits for the Wild Thing. (You know you make everything groovy, don'tcha?)

      ~ D-FensDogG

  10. Great summer sexy post there Stephen... :)
    They're totally not talking about popsicles, especially those Van Halen boys!
    I figured I'd be picking Van Halen because I'm a VH fan, but for this one, I'm giving it to Tom Waits. I just enjoyed his version so much more... And Van Halen's version got overplayed in my opinion and I got tired of it I guess.
    Tom Waits it is.

    Hope Blogger gets their issues fixed. I use wordpress and hate when they go in a "fix" something that didn't need fixing! So irritating.

    Stay cool out there...

    Michele at Angels Bark

    1. Thanks, MICHELE, glad you liked my sexy Summer look!

      I didn't know VH's 'ICE CREAM MAN' got a lot of airplay anywhere. In L.A. it was always 'Runnin' With The Devil' or 'You Really Got Me'.

      Back when I was a teenager, 'Ice Cream Man' was one of my favorite songs on that first album, but #1 for me then was probably 'Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Love' -- that song kicked butt. But I loved the entire album, what with Eddie's "laughing" guitar on 'You Really Got Me', and that explosion titled 'Eruption' that was so damn fast it took me awhile to accept that it wasn't really a programmed synthesizer.

      Do you remember the TV advertisement for Nissan that used VH's 'You Really Got Me'? Here it is, one of the best TV commercials EVER:

      Funny though that today, as a young old man, my favorite track on the album is the mellowest: 'Little Dreamer'. I still love that one a great deal.

      >>... Hope Blogger gets their issues fixed.

      Yeah, I hope they get their assues fixed, too. I'd like to fix THEIR wagon, but I'd only end up breaking my wrench on someone's head.

      >>... Stay cool out there...

      Babe, I'm ALWAYS cool! Even when I'm hot, I'm cool as a cucumb-- er... as "a cherry Popsicle".

      ~ D-FensDogG

  11. My vote on this one surprises me and probably will surprise you too. I'm not a fan of Van Halen under many circumstances and I normally like Tom Waits a great deal, but here...not so much. I do really, Really, REALLY love the intro and music box ending to Waits version, but as for the middle I much prefer Van Halen. So give my vote to them and color me S-U-P-R-I-S-E-D!!!

    1. FAE ~
      I didn't really anticipate how you would vote on this one, but I've never really thought of you as a "Hard Rock" fan, so I would have guessed you as a vote for Tom.

      But then again, I always forget you love ZZ Top, so I guess you're more of a Hard Rock gal than I tend to remember.

      I'm glad to see Van Roth get your vote. They're a bit behind and need some help.

      ~ D-FensDogG

  12. And Stephen,

    Another interesting and tough BOTB. Both good versions and Van Halen's rocks a bit. But I can't get over what an a-hole David Lee Roth was. I liked Eddie's guitar but not David's part. And seein' how it was you who straightened out my life with Tom Wait's providing the sound track to good memories, at least the ones I kin remember any way, any how, I gotsta go with Tom Wait's understated version over the loud mouth Van Halen's version.

    1. And GENERAL POOHREGARD, That's Not All!...

      Let us not forget that you get full credit for turning me onto Tom Waits. "It was you, Charlie!"

      So, I guess Tom Waits and a free pizza evens things up after I straightened out your life. (BTW, when am I gonna get that pizza?)

      Hey, POOH, for real... don't forget I got something I want you to look for at Dodger Stadium for me. When you goin'?

      Why is David Lee Roth an a-hole? I don't know anything about him personally. Is it stuffs he said, or did, or said and did?

      You've gotten good about showing up here now without any reminder from me. By George, I think you've "fallen in"... to a good habit.

      ~ D-FensDogG

    2. DLR...just rubs me the wrong way.
      I am going to Dodger Stadium on 08/07 what do you wan't me to look up?

    3. I wouldn't want DLR rubbing me ANY way!

      POOH, I'll give you a call on the telly tomorrow (Saturday 8/6).

      ~ D-FensDogG

  13. I wondered why I wasn't getting notifications about comments on this because I thought I had voted on Monday. Guess I didn't. My road computer is so slow that maybe my vote didn't register. I know I listened to this on Monday.

    Tough choice as both recordings had something to offer. In the end though I felt that Waits had more to offer me. That's my vote.


    1. LEE, glad you came back to see "What up, Cu'?" Because indeed no other comment from you was received.

      Tom Waits for no man!
      (Read that somewhere years ago and thought it was ridiculously humorous.)

      ~ D-FensDogG

  14. The one by Tom Waits feels like it has a sense of urgency behind it. I can't explain it, just that it sounds as though it could bust into a full-blown jam at any minute, but it doesn't. I like that. Van Halen is about what you'd expect: craziness from David Lee Roth and a lot of fast fingers from Eddie. Give my vote to Tom Waits.

    1. JOHN ~
      Your vote for the "Expectation Put On Hold Indefinitely" over the "Expectation Unfortunately Met" has been recorded.

      Now I have to listen to that Waits recording while holding in mind what you have said here. That's a new one on me, Bro.

      ~ D-FensDogG

  15. Put me down for Van Halen on this round, but it sure was nice to hear a Tom Waits track for the first time...

    1. Hey, thanks for the vote, MICHAEL! Feel free to drop by and vote any time. You have an Open Invitation.

      Glad to get this one because VH needs all the votes they can get at this point. Things don't look good for the boys from Pasadena.

      ~ D-FensDogG

  16. Is that little "Petite Creation" push-up in the photo Tinkerbell size?

    One lactose intolerant vote for VH please.


    1. SIG2me ~
      Ha! Yeah, I think that tiny Push-Up would more than satisfy Tinkerbell. (See, that's the ONLY thing wrong with a Tinkerbell love affair... any sign of affection I'd show her would be the death of her.)

      Awww! No ice cream for you? And yet life is still worth living? Hmmm.... that surprises me.

      ~ D-FensDogG

  17. Actually I have a few Hoodsie cups lined up for tonight. Lactose be damned.

    Boston police just purchased an 89,000 dollar ice cream truck. Probably to appease the “Fat Lives Matter” group. Can’t wait for the Krispy Kreme police sub-station.

    Did you go AZ to the NV back to the AZ?


    1. SIGSICLE2 ~
      Good for you, Brother! I don't know what Hoodsie Cups are but I applaud your rebellious, Damn-The-Torpedoes-And-Lactose attitude!

      About 5 hours ago I bought some ice cream also, at the Grocery Outlet. On the cash register conveyor belt I had only two products, but plenty of each. And I said to the woman at the register, "So... ice cream and beer. Did I forget anything? No, I don't think so." (Got a good laugh for that one. Everyone loves ice cream and beer... but maybe not as much as pizza and beer.)

      I got STEVE'S Ice Cream from Brooklyn - the stuffs is awesome! The three pints I purchased were 'Speculoos Cookie Butter', 'Whoopsie Pies and Sweet Cream', and 'Mexican Chili Chocolate' -- I bought two pints of THAT one!

      My doctor said I'm 20 pounds overweight, and for the life of me I can't figure out HOW that happened!

      Your "Fat Lives Matter" remark made me think you might enjoy a couple of 'Cheezburger LOLs' I recently created:



      Man, if the cops ever really get a Krispy Kreme sub-station, then we can forget about them ever again showing up in time to prevent a crime from occurring. ...Oh, wait...

      No, SirSig, I am still in cultured, intellectual Nevada. These people here be smart!

      ~ D-FensDogG

  18. Al Bondigas here. I always liked the van Halen song from way back. It has a nice beat. I've really enjoyed a lot of Tom Waits stuff since you turned me on to his music. I'd love to try and help you out here by giving van Halen a nudge, but I've got to rule em as I hear em. I give a slight edge to Waits in this here duel. I love Eddie's guitar work, but as I get older I seem to prefer piano work and horns more now. Anyway, that's it. That's my rulin'.

    1. What'dja say about my Mama?!

      Well, you can do what you want with your vote, but I will not stand by and listen to you bad-mouth busty, Hungarian women! David Lee Roth and I are gonna take our balls and go home!

      Oh, I'm sorry! I didn't mean it. ...Uhm ...uh ...I don't know ...I guess maybe it might be the booze or something...

      ~ D-FensDogG

    2. Why, I aught a....

  19. Hi Stephen! This was another tough decision, as both versions were good, and we all scream for ice cream. Tom Waits had my toes tapping more, so he gets my vote. Though others referred to it as a "music box ending," I thought of it as an ice cream truck jingle signaling all the kids in the neighborhood to run to the corner. This was fun!


    1. Howdy, GEM JULIE! Thanks for stopping by with your vote.

      Indeed, we do all scream for ice cream. Show me someone who doesn't and I'll show you a pod-person from another planet.

      Totally agree with you about the ending. That is a "classic" ice cream truck tune letting the kids know that he's coming down the street. (To this day, the sound of an ice cream truck makes me feel young again... for about 5 minutes.)

      ~ D-FensDogG

  20. It's ice cream/popsicle season in this household. I'm actually gnawing on a cherry popsicle right now, the kind with a joke on it. You know, you read the joke on the bottom of the stick, you eat the popsicle, and then the answer is revealed. The wife and I have been eating popsicles for weeks now since it's been so damn hot, and each time we try to guess the answer to the joke before we reach it. Through 3 boxes of pops, I've only been wrong once.

    The joke for this one is, "How did the zookeeper open the cage?" And I, being the king of bad puns, already know that the answer is "With a monKEY."

    As for the battle, I do like the Van Halen version, but I really prefer Van Hoolen's 75 cent knockoff, Gelato Guy. Because of that, my cohort and I both have to vote for Tom Waits. His version beats both of those others, no question.


    1. My answer is: Why would anyone WANT to open the cage with all those lions, and tigers, and bears - Oh my!!

      Ha! Yeah, Van Hoolen's 'GELATO GUY' was worth every one of the 75 cents I paid for it!

      I had both of your botes guessed right again. I'm pretty good at this now.

      ~ D-FensDogG

  21. Tom Waits gets my vote, The VH one is the one that I know. However, I like Tom's composition and take on the song.

  22. STMcC’s Vote On '2016, August 1st:
    Battle Of The Bands' (Or, 'Tom Waits Vs. Van Halen') And The Final Tally:

    First, thanks All Y'all for coming out of your houses in the heat of Summer to buy something from my ice cream truck! I hope what I was selling cooled you down (or made you all hot 'n' horny?)

    This was a nice turnout and I thought the comment section had plenty o' fun exchanges. Not everyone was here, and not everyone had fun with it, but those who were and did... you know who you are.

    This was a blowout but I'm not at all disappointed because I knew in advance that it certainly would be.

    Before posting this Battle, I figured that Van Halen would get no more than 5 votes, and Tom Waits would get all the rest. As I type these words, I honestly have no idea how many each of them got, but I'm going to count them up right now and get back to you on that. Please standby.....

    .....Well, I missed my guess by one vote.

    It was interesting that a few voters said they fully expected to vote for Van Halen but were swayed by the Tom Waits recording.

    I also voted for TOM WAITS. I like both songs, but I much prefer the Bluesy sound and toe-tapping rhythm of TOM WAITS to the hard-rockin', over-the-edge metallic style of Van Halen. Plus, that classic "Ice Cream Truck" melody at the end of Tom's song completely seals the deal for me.

    Anyway, this was indeed the anticipated blowout, with Van Halen scoring one more vote than I expected they would.

    Tom Waits = 16 votes
    Van Halen = 6 votes

    And a special thanks to my new voter, Michael Todd. I hope you'll return for my August 15th Battle. It's going to be a beautiful melody by two of the biggest names in Jazz history... either that or a Punk Rock song by two bands nobody ever heard of.

    ~ D-FensDogG
    'Loyal American Underground'

  23. Good turn out! In a way I'm surprised that Van Halen didn't receive more vote in this contest. But then I voted for Tom and I guess he was the obvious choice for most of us.

    Good contest. Looking forward to the next battle as I'm pretty sure it won't be the second option with the punk bands.

    Tossing It Out

    1. Well, one never knows, LEE. Yesterday was my birthday and my friend The Flying Aardvark gave me the album 'Teenage Depression' by Eddie And The Hot Rods, which already has my mind clicking.

      But, yeah... the "smart money" is on the beautiful melody by two of the biggest names in Jazz.

      ~ D-FensDogG

  24. Uh oh, looks like I'm late to the dance again. I'm so sorry, Stephen T! I've had family visiting from FOUR different states and it's been wonderful. As of this morning, everyone is gone and on their various ways home...some with another stop or two. I'll be back for the next Battle!

  25. Somehow, I knew this would be a blowout and that I'd be on the losing side. Oh well, maybe the next one will be better. Happy Belated Birthday, Stephen! See you on the 15th.

    1. Thanks, DEBBIE!
      This blowout didn't bother me because I expected it, but I liked the concept for the Battle enough to endure the lopsided voting that I knew would follow.

      My next Battle, on Monday, should actually be very competitive. Right now, I have no idea who might win it. Should be interesting, I think.

      ~ D-FensDogG


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