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Saturday, October 8, 2016


STMcC’s Vote On '2016, Oct. 1st: Battle Of The Bands'
(Or, 'Kenny Loggins Vs. Ray Charles & Diana Krall')
And The Final Tally:

First of all, I'm a day late in posting this Battle's results. (Day Late, "You're Getting To Be A Habit With Me".)

Secondly, when the Magic 8 Ball said "You may rely on it" regarding a Ray Charles and Diana Krall victory over Kenny Loggins, I replied, "We'll see, we'll see..." because I was pretty damn-well certain that the 8 Ball was not just wrong but terribly wrong. Turns out though that it was I who was WRONG! (Shoulda knowed better'n to argue with the Magic 8 Ball.)

To me, this Battle was really a no-brainer and the Kenny Loggins recording of 'YOU DON'T KNOW ME' is at least TWICE as good as the one by Charles and Krall. And once again, most of my voters disagree with my musical opinion.

I consider the KENNY LOGGINS recording THE DEFINITIVE take on this song, and by far! Originally, I was planning to put him up against Patti Page because I thought she did it really well and would at least give Kenny some competition.

But later, when I learned that our friend Jeffrey Scott was returning, I decided to celebrate that by using the Ray Charles duet with Jeffy's girl, Diana Krall, even though I thought they'd lose by a fairly large margin.

I think maybe the very slow tempo of the Kenny Loggins recording turned some people off, but I believe it's PERFECT for this song. Remember the sentiment being expressed is this long, secret aching love for someone, and a pang of jealousy seeing another person go off with them when it should be YOU! It's a beautiful but mournful song, and the ache comes across palpably in Kenny's really A-list voice. Man, did that guy have some amazing vocal control!

'YOU DON'T KNOW ME' is the final song on Kenny's 1977 album 'CELEBRATE ME HOME', which is one of my very most frequently played CDs. (I love it so much that I gave FAE and my Brother copies of it as gifts some years back.) There's not a bad song on the set and some of them I flat-out LOVE (like 'You Don't Know Me'; the title track; the whizz-bang electric opener, 'Lady Luck'; and my favorite, 'Daddy's Back'). This album made me realize that Kenny Loggins is one of the best Pop singers EVER, including all genres. Yes, I'd put him up against just about anyone including Crosby, Sinatra, Nat King Cole -- you name it.

Unfortunately, the 'CELEBRATE ME HOME' album did not sell well (even though the title song has gotten regular radio airplay during the Christmas season year after year) and Kenny went on to record a bunch of commercial crap that made him rich and famous. But THIS album is the one, in a perfect world, that he'd really be remembered for. His vocals and the arrangements were simply stellar, and it pains me to see him lose this Battle

I like half of the Ray Charles & Diana Krall version well enough. It starts out very nicely, but at the 2:18 mark, Diana starts to slip into her "Jazz lounge singer" act. And in his very next verse, Ray grabs that and runs with it, going full blast into his trademark "Soul Brother R&B" shtick. And from then on, the two of them are completely bullshitting the song, totally ignoring the emotionally-hurtin' meaning of the lyrics and turning the piece into "A REALLY BIG SHOE!" (as Ed Sullivan would say). Neither one of them is feeling the sentiment at all, as they Jazz-up this great song into a flashy, empty suit. But nevertheless...

Kenny Loggins = 8 Votes
Charles & Krall = 12 Votes

My genuine THANKS TO ALL WHO TOOK THE TIME TO LISTEN AND VOTE, even if you didn't agree with my assessment of the recordings in this Battle.

I hope y'all come back now, hear? On October 15th I will be presenting a TOTALLY UNIQUE Battle like no one has done before and I think it's going to be a load of fun, a real blast! So don't miss it.

Question: "Will my next Battle on this blog be the most fun of all time?"
Magic 8 Ball sez: "Reply hazy. Try again."

Question: "Will my next Battle on this blog be the most fun of all time?"
Magic 8 Ball sez: "It is certain."

Question: "Well, if the answer to the question is so certain, why did I have to try it again?"
Magic 8 Ball sez: "Be careful or you're going to piss me off!"

This one's for Little Brother Nappy...



Howdy, All BOTBers  ~

Anybody who really knows me also knows that I am the furthest thing from "a rules guy" that they could find. I'm much more of a freedom kinda guy. I believe that we should just leave people be so they can be individuals and follow their own heart's desire. Or as that bulldog for liberty, Henry David Thoreau, wrote at the very start of his great essay 'Civil Disobedience'...

I HEARTILY ACCEPT the motto, — "That government is best which governs least"

Unfortunately, however, occasionally a rule or two must be established. Up until now, over 3 years into 'BATTLE OF THE BANDS', the only real rule has been "Have fun with it." But now I find I must establish an actual policy to correct a problem that has developed.

In the comment sections of several blogs I have posted the following message. And I've decided to post it here generally, so that all participants in the 'BATTLE OF THE BANDS' blogfest will be aware of it going forward:

Howdy, BOTBer (Your Name Here) ~

Naturally, I can't help wondering if you've decided to discontinue your involvement in 'BATTLE OF THE BANDS'. Apparently you've had a pretty full plate lately and when that happens, something has to give. Unfortunately though, by keeping a link to your blog active on my blog, I've been sending BOTBers to your site when there's nothing there to vote on.

Currently there are, I believe, 5 links on my page to blogs that seem to be no longer participating in BOTB and I don't want to continue wasting people's time, sending them to places where no Battles exist. So, I'd appreciate it if you'd please get back to me and inform me whether or not you intend to continue with this blogfest.

In fact, beginning with the October 15th round of Battles I am planning to adopt the same policy that Alex Cavanaugh employs for his blogfest 'Insecure Writer's Support Group'. And that is that in the future, whenever a blog fails to provide a 'Battle Of The Bands' contest for two consecutive rounds (the 1st & 15th, or the 15th & the 1st), the links to that blog will be removed from my site, assuming that the blogger has decided to drop out of the blogfest. However, of course, if that blogger later decides to rejoin, all they need to do is inform me and I will immediately replace the link to their site in my sidebar and on my individual BOTB page for the next round of Battles.

I hope things are going well for you. And please let me know if you don't want the link to your blog removed from my next BOTB installment on October 15th.

Bless And Be Blessed.

~ Stephen T. McCarthy


  1. The voters have spoken just as I hope the right voters speak on November 8th. I was one of those who felt the Loggins version was mighty slow, but then again it might have been my mood. At another time I might have voted differently. But that's how these things usually go.

    Nevertheless it turned out to be a pretty good race. (Why does race have to keep popping up in these elections?).

    It's a good plan to purge the list, though I think having the list in the sidebar with the thumbnail descriptions helps a lot. Better than a Linky List.

    Happy Trump clean-up day! Typical--Trump said a typical guy thing 11 years ago and the media is in a tizzy while Hillary and her evil minions have actually done horrible things for decades and get a pass for all of it.

    Next big Hillary bombshell of true import to the people will undoubtedly be accompanied by another ridiculous Trump as an entertainment guy antic from the past that will eclipse the items of true import with nonsensical sleaze. The media playing the role of Nero fiddles while the world burns.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

    1. LEE ~
      Yeah, the final tally was within my 5-vote margin of victory standard indicating a good Battle. So I guess I can live with it. And what other choice do I have? (But I think Kenny got robbed by the name "Ray Charles".)

      Say, did you get the Email I sent you maybe a couple weeks ago about Lecithin for the heart blockage?

      It tells us EXACTLY what moral condition the country is in when a woman who literally should be in prison for life really might become the next president.

      We The People have become amoral and apathetic (love our bread and circuses!), and that is the ONLY REASON Hellary Cunton isn't now wearing black and white stripes behind bars. (I'm so disgusted with the Americonned Sheeple that I hope God judges and punishes us... YESTERDAY!!)

      ~ D-FensDogG
      'Loyal American Underground'

    2. Yes, I did get your email. I've intended to respond as I have intended to do so many things in my life. Lately I've been in a real funky place and it ain't no disco. I've been neglecting a lot of things.

      I'm full of excuses and there is no excuse for that. Just the way it's been.

      I'll get back to the lecithin topic of your email and maybe give it a try. I do remember so discussion we had about it a few years back and I didn't do anything then either.

      This election is getting me down as well. The "Americonned Sheeple" are being led to the wolves den by a lying media and the flock seems to be on the increase. I can't believe the hypocrisy throughout this land and even among many who I once considered friends. They believe everything they hear in a literal interpretation without reasoning things out. I'm fed up with the lies and deceptions, but a large portion apparently accepts it. At least that's what the media is reporting. I hope they are lying about that as well and we see an unexpectedly stunning defeat of Clinton on election day. Then I hope there is a massive upheaval with the news agencies to bring us honest reporting if there is such a thing.

      The world is going down the tubes, but from what we've learned from Scripture we knew that would happen and worse is yet to come.

      I had a close outcome on my battle as well. I was kind of surprised, but after as long as we've been doing this it seems like there shouldn't be that many surprises.

      Arlee Bird
      Tossing It Out

    3. Yeah, the one thing I hold on to is the fact that EVERYTHING is now accelerating faster and faster in the direction that The Holy Word Of God said it would. So, the more deception and crap we see being perpetrated by satan's animals, the closer we are to the Glorious Finish Line.

      I've got 2029 marked as the end of this shit and the beginning of God's Kingdom on Earth with Jesus ruling from Jerusalem. It's not far off anymore.

      ~ D-FensDogG

    4. At the risk of horning in on a semi-private conversation: I TOO am really really discouraged at the way all this is going as we approach the election. So much so that I am OUT on ANY media coverage from now on. Just voting in November and then watching the election fallout... either way. If Hellary wins, we get more of the same (with an increased criminal element), and if Trump wins the left/media will make SURE he fails -wrecking us all in the process - just to make sure HE does not succeed.

      I know SO many people voting Hellary because Trump is "so vile." They are blind morons, all. With the Trump "sex scandal" people are outraged at his discourse yet give Hellary a pass as if her fleece is white as snow. Forget the Bill Clinton rape victiims, the Hellary enablement of a violent misogynist, the Hellary intimidation of victims - let alone all the criminal stuff of dead bodies, destruction of evidence, treason, bribery, selling secrets to the enemy, perjury, subornation of perjury, et al. The "moral idiots" of the Americonned populace simply act is if it is all made up. Let's say 90% of it IS made up. It isn't... but let's say it is. It is still enough for a numbered striped pantsuit for Hellary.

      My cousin just posted a heartfelt expose of all the times in her life she was hit on and called names as a female in the workforce, followed with plea for everyone to consider her words when they vote. Obviously, she has been highly offended by Trump's illegally recorded private conversation of 11 years ago. And just as obviously, she gives Hellary a total pass on EVERYTHING. Was Trump talking like an egotistical ass? Sure. Has every guy spoken very similar words at some point in his life? Yes, 99.99% have at some point spoken very coarsely about women and their appearance or possibility of "activity" with them. I've overheard women speaking about men occasionally, and they can speak just as coarsely as men on the subject. ANYONE that allows this Trump comment to determine their vote is a total hypocrite.

      The tales of past Presidents profanity, womanizing, and vulgarity make what Trump said seem like Ghandi speaking with Mother Teresa.

      And really, NONE of this past shizzle matters as much as what these people would do once in office.

      If you like the status quo, vote Hellary. You'll be pleased at continued overspending, more Obamacare, more Iran nuke deals, and less personal freedom.

      "What a bunch of maroons," as Bugs Bunny might say.

    5. GREAT, A-list, E-Ticket comment, SBB-6! You should get some sort of trophy for this one.

      I will reply in full when time permits. (Not tonight though.)

      ~ D-FensDogG

    6. I guess for my "trophy" I'll take the Nobel Peace Prize. I hear they give that to anyone these days.

    7. SBB-6 ~
      Considering the trillions of dollars at stake and the decades of satanic work that has gone into getting the USA to the point where we currently are, I have no doubt that if Trump wins, he won't be breathing long. (Especially with an Establishment stooge like Pence waiting right behind him.)

      If he's elected, Trump will meet with an insane assassin's bullet, or a plane crash, or a sudden massive heart attack. "They" are not going to let this maverick outsider begin dismantling what they have painstakingly constructed over some much time and involving so much money.

      So, yeah, it's a lost cause no matter who wins. But as I told FAE on the phone the other day, as long as that "evil asshole" doesn't get what she most wants, I'll be satisfied enough.

      We already know how this story ULTIMATELY ends, because God told us long, long ago. So, I'm not concerned about the long run. The HERO of the story will prevail. But until then (2029 being my educated guesstimate) it's going to be very ugly and painful for those of us who love God and treasure justice and righteousness.

      >>... I know SO many people voting Hellary because Trump is "so vile." They are blind morons, all.

      I couldn't agree more! The whole "women" angle is a problem. You and I not being "feelers", we have that "clinical logic or reasoning" capacity that serves well in cases like this.

      ~ D-FensDogG

    8. 2 of 3 (looks like I'm gonna make it.)

      That child is now grown and I only told you that little story, along with the facts about my tending bar, so as to emphasis that I’m not immune to the reality that women are not necessarily treated kindly or in a fair manner in the workplace, Now, I will admit that I hope today even the IBEW would have to give a woman a better deal with regard to salary, but I’m sure they would still find ways to get away with paying far less than they would a man doing the same type of work, but with perhaps a different title. As far as the indignities faced while tending bar, well, what do you expect; as my father used to say; ‘you lie down with dogs, you better expect to get up with fleas’.

      All of this is said to be sure that you and particularly your cousin or any other women who might read this understand I have not lead a sheltered life, nor been protected in the workplace, or the world for that matter, from its more shameful humiliations towards women.

      In all the time since I first began voting I don’t think I have ever voted for a Presidential candidate with whom I was enamored. My vote has always been cast for the ‘lesser of two evils’ in my opinion. In the case of this 2016 Presidential Election, I believe I have finally come to a time when neither candidate inspires any sense of confidence of hope for this country or the world, over the next four years. Mr. Trump is certainly a vile man. He is egotistical and seems to be out to elevate his status and line his pockets in almost every endeavor that he undertakes. The recent exposé of comments he made about twelve years ago in what seems to have been a mostly private, ‘boys only bragging session’ would most certainly seem to support this.

      Unfortunately, I have to agree with you that these type of unfortunate remarks have probably been spoken by almost everyone (men and women) under certain conditions and in particular environments. I have been in the company of women who have made even more demeaning remarks regarding men, often times their very own men, when they felt comfortable they would not be quoted and wanted to ‘one-up’ other females present.

    9. 3 of 3 (I hope these came in, in the proper order and place, if not, I apologize. I did my best, but you know me.)

      Having said all of that I must conclude by saying; ‘I CANNOT IMAGINE A WORLD WHERE THAT HORRIBLE, VILE, LIAR, MRS. CLINTON WOULD EVER ASSUME THE POSITION OF A WORLD LEADER. I am saddened that women throughout this country will probably vote for her; first, simply because she is a woman, and second because of the private conversations made public of Mr. Trump. Frankly, I am even more saddened that things like Mr. Trump’s private conversations with ‘the boys; are even a part of the conversation when discussing the merits of Presidential candidates.

      We’ve had a president who recorded himself using the ugliest language in conversations regarding constituents and colleagues, who by the way, left office in disgrace rather than face impeachment proceedings. A president who has been accused multiple times of abusive behavior to women and finally had to admit that he committed adultery it the private office of the President, who by the way just happens to be Mrs. Clinton’s husband (and we are being asked to send him back to the White House). We have also heard tales from some of the women assaulted by Mr. Clinton that his wife, Hillary, further abused them with threats and harassment in the hopes of keeping them quiet. We have heard countless renditions of revered Presidents who kept mistress’ while serving our country, others who have lied to use (probably most of them), and others who had horrific hidden personalities, some even purported to have suffered various forms of mental illness. To all of this the people have been surprisingly, generally accepting. I would hope that everyone would keep in my, that Mr. Trump's comments, ugly as they may be, were only words and not actions.

      At the end of the day, I find I cannot for the slightest moment in time respect Mrs. Clinton as any sort of leader. Frankly, I have a hard time respecting her as a woman. To know that she stood by her husband in his abuse of other women, and proceeded to harass and threaten those same victims, not out of extreme love or a desire to protect her man, but rather for her own diabolical political and financial ambitions, quite literally sickens me.

      I pray that women (an men) throughout this country will take a long hard look at Mrs. Clinton. Look beyond the pantsuit, makeup, earrings and bracelets. Listen with your heart when she brags about her deep concern for children. Study her background and know who she really is. If you are thinking it’s time we had a woman at the helm. It’s time we had more compassion and tender feelings leading this country, do not be mistaken, this is not the person. I also pray that women will consider the office of the President fully and understand what is involved. If you truly feel it’s time we chose a woman to lead the United States of American (which, make no mistake, I do not), consider; ‘IS THIS REALLY THE BEST WE COULD DO?’

      I urge all people men and women, but especially women, to not be emotionally swayed by Mr. Trump’s unfortunate remarks. And especially DO NOT vote for Mrs. Clinton simply because of them. She will not only be a disaster for our country, but a disaster for each of us individually, maybe even and especially women.

      I apologize for taking up so much space in the comment section of this blog. I suppose I could have devoted an independent post at my own recently resurrected space to this topic, but I felt that since this discussion had been made public here and I wanted to address this particularly to the woman mentioned by Mr. SBB6, this would be appropriate. For someone (myself) who doesn’t like to talk too much about themselves or their past, I sure can get going when I’m passionate about something, eh?

    10. Thanks, Far Away Eyes! I appreciate the heartfelt and absolutely spot-on comment... inspired by my misguided cousin.

      Unfortunately, I learned long ago that there is no swaying her. That whole end of the family has voted Democrat without thinking since FDR, and they are not about to start thinking now. The world will crash around them and they will blame it on others, when they brought about their own (and MY) demise.

    11. SBB-6 ~
      I know that type. No matter what any Democrat politician does, regardless of which disastrous Democrat policy fouls things up further, whether yesterday, today, or 50 years from now... "it was Bush's fault".

      "The Right's mostly been right and the Left's mostly been wrong. But being Left means being wrong and never having to say you were wrong... or you're sorry."
      ~ LameCherryToo

      ~ D-FensDogG

    12. How unfortunate. I had a friend once who told me her parents were Lutherans and Democrats and so was she and she would remain so until the day she died. I was shocked. Up until that point I had thought she was a fairly intelligent person. Needless to say, she and I had a parting of the ways. Although, it was something more of a difference of opinion regarding fashion. I believed she was disgusted by my tinfoil hat!

    13. Yes, I am profoundly disgusted at times over this. But, your family is your family and it would take a more personal affront than an election for me to blow her (and other idiots in my family) out entirely. I just won't spend vast amounts of time talking to them.

      My own foil headgear is fashioned into Bullwinkle antlers... just to lighten it up. "And now here's something I hope you REALLY like!"

    14. Yo, SHEBOYGANBULLWINKLE BOY, tell me again what your personality type is. (I just re-took the test again... still INTJ, just like your girlfriend, Ayn.)

      ~ D-FensDogG

    15. I understand completely, there are a lot if nuts hanging around my family tree, not the least of which is me.

      How clever and fashionable of you to reinvent your thinking cap.

    16. ENTP, "The Inventor."

  2. Al Bondigas here. Yeah, you are right about the great voice that Kenny Loggins was blessed with. I love that CD, and like I told you before I play it a lot. Celebrate me home really hits me hard at Christmas time. Was the song dedication a hint that I should start celebrating you home?

    1. JUDGE AL ~
      No, 'fraid not.

      I always loved that song, but it took on a new meaning for me, related to you, back when you gave up on The Evidence.

      ~ D-FensDogG

  3. I think that one "rule" sounds aok to me. I am not one at all for Diana Krall but I liked the styling of the song better with Ray Charles than Kenny. Oh well, I never said I was a music aficionado.

    1. BIRGIT ~
      Well, one need not be a music aficionado in order to recognize what they like. (And you certainly make up for it by being a true film aficionado.)

      Plus, if I always knew who would win, it would take ALL of the fun out of BOTB. So, vote on, Birgit - vote on!

      ~ D-FensDogG

  4. I wholeheartedly agree with this rule! I detest sending traffic to a page that is not participating. It's so unfair to the rest of us! I'm looking forward to the updated list of participants so that I can update my list as well.

    You can pretty much guarantee that if I do slow down my blog posts the battles are one thing that will continue - unless it's during the month of April, and even that is still open for possibility.

    1. McMARY ~
      Yeah, I think it's past time that this policy was instituted because things have been slowly getting a little out of hand.

      And of course, ANYONE who bows out can always get right back in again when they have the time and interest just by letting me know they want to be re-included. So it's hardly a permanent thing. It's not like being banned (which no one ever has been or could be).

      I'm glad to hear that you will be with us through thick and thin, because you put together some really top-notch BOTB contests! I always look forward to them.

      ~ D-FensDogG

  5. I remember the "Celebrate Me Home" album. I don't own it, but there were "lite rawk" stations in the Chicago area that played the title track pretty often, and probably one or two of the other songs. Shame the album never took off.

    I like the idea of dropping people who haven't participated. My list has quite a few "deadies" on it. Maybe I should sync it with yours...

    1. JOHN ~
      Yeah, that's really a great album with surprisingly impressive vocals. Kenny's later reputation gives no hint to what he was really capable of doing, which can be heard on the 'Celebrate Me Home' album. (Of all his later hits, the only one I ever kind of liked was 'Footloose', because I believed I could actually kinda-sorta dance to that one. Although that was probably just the vodka deceiving me.)

      Yes, sir, the Participant List I'll be using on October 15th will be slimmer but up-to-date, and you might want to adjust your own link selections accordingly.

      ~ D-FensDogG

  6. I'm glad I voted for Kenny Loggins. The rule is a good one. I'm listening to Daddy's Home as I type this. It's great. Who's your daddy? Who's your daddy? or as I ask Willy Dunne Wooters, Who's your baby? Who's your baby?


    1. LOVE JANIE ~
      My Daddy's in Heaven. Actually, so is my Pa -- I hope.

      ~ D-FensDogG

  7. 1 of 3 (I hope)

    I actually had no intention to leave a comment on this BOTB results post, but being the nosey female that I most certainly am, I did stop by to check out the post and take a peek at what others were saying.

    After reading your comment Mr. SBB6 I could not keep my mouth shut any longer. I hope you return to see this and I hope you will pass on my opinions to your cousin. I realize that I may offend some with my words and this will probably call for another torchlight, and pitchfork procession to my home, but I just can’t keep my mouth shut any longer.

    I am female, as you well know. In my long career I have held positions of great responsibility in a corporate setting and when I really needed to make some money, I have tended bar. When I was tending bar, I always worked high class joints, usually attached to a respectable high end restaurant. Like I said I was there to make money, and not for the fun of it. In places like these lady bartenders can count on bringing home hundreds of dollars a shift in tips and I never had a problem, but no matter how high class and respectable the place might have been, I was still standing behind the bar and dealing with drunks.

    You can only imagine the comments, suggestions, and lewd remarks I have dealt with in this capacity. But, still as a single parent this was one place I could make the most money, with the least amount of time served, and work a shift when I wasn’t away from my child during the waking hours. You learn to deal. I found that the corporate world was little different, but the remarks were a little more cloaked and generally not shouted across the room.

    One of the better corporate jobs I had prior to my first child being born was as the Executive Secretary to the Administrator of the Benefits Office for the Local IBEW. It was a great job. I liked my boss, who was a kind and fair minded man. I made a decent salary for a woman at the time, and I enjoyed the same benefits afforded to the IBEW members. When I left to have my first child I was replaced with a secretary from within the office, to take over my ‘basic’ secretarial duties. They opted to pay this woman about 2/3 of what I was making. They then hired a man to take over the other administrative duties regarding investments, the administrator had trained me in over the past three years, and they paid him a little more than twice what I was making. When my boss, The Administrator, asked me to train both of my replacements he told me flat out about the new salary arrangements. He said he knew I would hear of it through office gossip and he wanted to be the one to tell me and deal with the fall-out. To say I was angry (remember I was about to deliver my first child, so I was also probably extremely hormonal) would be a gross understatement. The boss told me that in his opinion, I was worth every penny they were paying these two individuals to replace me, but it was just the way things operate, especially within the IBEW, and there wasn’t much I could do about.

  8. Mr. McCarthy! It's been a long time—much, much too long, and I'm here to apologize for that. Firstly for having dropped not just out of BoTB but kinda off the face of the Earth, and with not so much as a by-your-leave, and secondly for not having let you (and all BoTB-ers, really) know I was in hiatus. I hope you can forgive me, Stephen... I do realize the amount of inconvenience this has caused to everyone, and I'm so sorry for that. At a personal level, I'm also sorry to have missed a chunk of what look like extraordinary Battles—but in that case the sin carries its own punishment, doesn't it? ;)

    Yes, please do delete the link to my blog from the list of BoTB participants... It doesn't look like I can join the fun for the foreseeable future. Hopefully things will settle down for me closer to the end of the year, and when that happens you'll be the first to know. And in the meantime I'll stop by now and then to check your Battles and stay in touch with you all. You're a fabulous group of music lovers and I look forward to being a part of the BoTB gang soon.

    Big hug from Curacao!
    Guilie @ Quiet Laughter

    1. GUILIE ~
      No need to apologize at all. We've missed you and your fun, interesting Battles, so we certainly hope you DO rejoin us again. Whenever you're ready, just drop me a comment and your link will go active on my blog again IMMEDIATELY.

      BOTB ain't at all like the Mafia: a person can quit and rejoin again as often as they like.

      And, yes, please do let us hear from you when you can. In fact, my next Battle on the 15th should be a really fun one, and with a little luck maybe you can drop in with a vote. This is one where I think the votes may reveal something about the voters: are they classically and stylishly dignified, casually fun and free-spirited, or edgy with a slightly warped sense of humor?

      Which are you, GUILIE? Your vote will tell!

      Please take care and come back to us ASAP, my friend.

      ~ D-FensDogG

  9. Hi, Stephen; My apologies for going AWOL for awhile there. I was redesigning the website, which is all-consuming. Things are back to normal, now. I might miss a battle here and there, but will definitely try NOT to disappear for two in a row. Doing a Halloween theme for this BOTB. Cheers!

  10. I think it's a good rule to have. It's good to see a little house cleaning once in awhile. Though I try to keep an updated roster on my blog as well, I always come here for the "OFFICIAL" listing to make sure mine is up to date.

    PS - For everyone I was able to convince to vote for Diana Krall, your check is in the mail. ;)
    (Is that against the rules)?????


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