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Tuesday, December 1, 2015


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Shoop-Shooby –
Shooby-duh-Dooby-Doop-Dooby-Dooby-Doo-Wah –

Yes, it’s time once again for ‘Battle Of The Bands’ (‘BOTB’)

Alright, let’s get on it...

WAIT! First I have an announcement: Due to some insane hours I'm working for the company that recently hired me (12.5 hour days), I will be very late in responding to comments here and late in getting around to vote on your own Battles. But I will be there with my votes before Dec. 7th gets here.


In this Battle, I am using the song 'CELEBRATE ME HOME'. I have always loved this song, but today it means even more to me than it ever did previously because, for the first time in my entire 56 years, I am NOT "Home For The Holidays". I'm alone and lonely in Reno. So, please, if y'all can do it somehow, "celebrate me home". 

Here's what Wackypedia has to say about the album and its title track:

The Album:
'Celebrate Me Home' is the debut solo album from Kenny Loggins, released in 1977. The album, Loggins' first since splitting from 'Loggins And Messina', represents a slight move away from the folk-rock leanings of his previous recordings towards a more polished, soft rock sound. [STMcC: Sorry, Wacky, but I'd call most of it closer to Jazz Vocal than Soft Rock.]
The Song:
"Celebrate Me Home" is a song written by Bob James and Kenny Loggins...  Although released as a single to only marginal success... [STMcC: Surprisingly, the song never reached Top 40 on the Billboard charts.] ...it evolved into one of Loggins' better-known songs, especially as it became a popular staple of radio stations' Christmas music playlists due to its holiday-themed lyrics.

Home for the holidays
I believe I've missed each and every face
Come on and play my music
Let's turn on every love light in the place

It's time I found myself
Totally surrounded in your circles
Whoa, my friends

Please, celebrate me home
Give me a number
Please, celebrate me home
Play me one more song
That I'll always remember
And I can recall
Whenever I find myself too all alone,
I can sing me home

Uneasy highway,
Traveling where the Westerly winds can fly
Somebody tried to tell me
But the man forgot to tell me why

I gotta count on being gone
Come on home, come on, daddy
Be what you want from me
I'm this strong, I'll be weak

Well I'm finally here
But I'm bound to roam
Come on celebrate me home
Well I'm finally here
But I'm bound to roam
Come on celebrate me home...

'CELEBRATE ME HOME' has been covered by a number of other singers. Donna Summer sang it live to some audiences that came to hear her, although I don't believe it ever appeared on any of her albums.

Donna Summer, the “Queen Of Disco”... of course we all know the famous saying from “back in the day”: DISCO SUCKS!

I admit, I was amongst the “Disco Sux” crowd back then. And I mostly still am, other than a few rare exceptions (not to be mentioned here in polite company). However, I'm not down on Donna Summer at all. For instance, I have no compunction whatsoever in saying it LOUD and PROUD that I always liked 'ON THE RADIO'. (If I told you that I also kind of liked 'She Works Hard For The Money' would you still respect me in the morning?)

Alright, let's listen to Donna Summer singing her heart out on 'CELEBRATE ME HOME' while turning it into a Gospel song in which she even mentions that Guy at the end... you know, that Guy we're not supposed to mention in public anymore, even if it IS Christmas.


Alright now, “you know the gig”... I welcome you (whoever you are) to vote for your favorite of these songs in the comment section below. And feel free to tell us WHY you chose one song over the other. 

After voting here, I suggest - actually I insist - you pop over to the blogs of the other 'BATTLE OF THE BANDS' participants to see which songs they have chosen and vote there also. (If their ‘BOTB’ blog bits aren’t posted yet, pour yourself two shots of ‘Grand Marnier’ over ice – do it twice – and then return to their blogs to vice your voice ...vote your vice ...voice your vote.)

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~ Stephen T. McCarthy


  1. Hi, Stephen; How sad that you won't be able to go home for the holidays! :(

    This song was new to me. Not generally a fan of Loggins and Messina, but I've heard some other solo stuff by Kenny Loggins that was better than L&M's material.

    "Disco Sux" was my motto too, with a few exceptions. Donna Summer had some good songs and the lady could sing! ☺ Please give her my vote here as well.

    Hope you get a break from your work schedule soon!

  2. Hey Stephen,
    So sorry that you're stuck in Reno for the holidays! How long will you be there for? Were you able to be home for Thanksgiving? I know how it is, I've spent many a holiday away from my family. This year though, I have my parents here (they're spending the winter with me!) and for that reason, I'm putting up a Christmas tree for the first time in years. My brother and sister-in-law will be coming to visit for 10 days in January too. But I know how awful it is to not be with your family during the holidays. It's just downright sad! We'll try to keep your spirits up though.

    As for your battle, give my vote to Kenny Loggins. His version was so powerful. I didn't want his song to end, I thought it was that good!

    RE: Disco: I love disco now. I was in the Disco Sucks crowd too, back then, but now that I'm older, I don't know if it's just the nostalgia that has me liking Disco so much but I really dig it now. Especially the Bee Gees! Love their disco hits.

    Don't work too hard. Be sure to take care of yourself and carve out some special time just for you each and every day. That will at least keep you sane until you can get back home...

    Michele at Angels Bark

  3. I never had too much problem with the disco music movement and still enjoy many of the tunes. Some does get monotonous but there is hack music in every genre.

    I don't recall ever having heard this song before. It's a good one. I probably heard it and it just didn't register or something.

    This is a tough choice as both are equally listenable to me. I'm a Summer fan and her version is lovely. I like her references to the Lord in her song. This is a very nice version.

    However, old fellow that I'm becoming, the Loggins version settles better with me. It's one that I can settle in front of the fire with a blanket over my legs and just dream away. I also like the instrumentation better in this version. The organ adds a lot as does that light touch piano.

    My vote is for the Kenny Loggins original.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

  4. Oh, and reading the comments from DD and Michele (sounds like a singing duo from the 60's) I couldn't help but hearing in my head Bela Lugosi saying "Home? I have no home."

    So where is your home now? When you leave Reno--if you eventually do--where would you likely go?

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

  5. Well. You've managed to depress me. (And I was so cheery and bubbly all morning, too.) This is an awful song—okay, not the song per se, but the sense of it. I can't remember the last Christmas I spent "home" (as in with my family), and normally it doesn't bother me, but... now I'm all teary-eyed and checking airfare to Mexico :D

    Cool battle, Mr. McC. I'm no fan of disco as a genre, but there are plenty of disco songs I love—and several of those are by Diana. However, my vote goes to Kenny for this one. There was something more... oh, I don't know: heartfelt? real? about the way he sang it that somehow didn't translate to Diana's version. Love her voice, love her style... Just not so much with this one.

    And I truly am sorry you won't be home for the holidays.
    Guilie @ Quiet Laughter

  6. Would you believe that *I*, as a kid, owned the A NIght at Studio 54 album? I didn't mind disco so much, though I always liked rock and roll a LOT better. I think Donna Summer actually transcended genres, though. She was awesome in discotheques and roller rinks, yet just as commercially viable "On the Radio". (Haha. I'm so punny, and not in a clever way. I know. But I do it anyway.)

    Kenny Loggins, while not an absolute favorite, was a staple in my younger teenage years - around the time "Footloose" and "Danger Zone" came out. I did like his work with Loggins and Messina, though. Remember hearing "Your Mama Don't Dance" on my parents' 8 track.

    I think I'm giving my vote to Donna Summer. Her voice is just so rich and powerful and soulful.

    I'm obviously not participating this go-round, but I already have my December 5th entry completed. It's holiday themed, and can't wait to share it!

  7. You have put together a very tough battle, StMcC! I know that is your goal (almost) every time, and you succeeded. With me, at least.

    I really like Loggins, though I LOVED Loggins when he was teamed up with Messina. Went to those concerts in the day.

    I also really liked Donna Summer. While not a fan of the genre, there were some tunes that I liked, and Donna Summer sang some of them. I always thought her voice was beautiful, as was SHE, herself. Her version of this particular song is not what I was expecting, and - frankly - does not quite do it for me. It rambles around a bit, trying to find itself. Her voice is strong and excellent... and she is still beautiful. But she does not quite get my vote.

    Loggins is just plain Loggins on the song. It fits right in with what he was as an artist at that stage, and he does a great job with his own song. I'll give him the victory here, 24 to 21 on a field goal in the last five minutes of the forth quarter.

  8. Mr. M.
    I too, wish I could write 'Holidays' and 'Home' in the same sentence without feeling lonely and tired. Since 1996, if I wasn't willing or able to drive, I spent the time snuggled up with my infamous 'Teddy Bear'. Today we have a fireplace, and that's nice. The illusion of warmth grows. Fortunately, I have many friends online who are in contact during this season. E-mail, skype, Facebook (yes, I know),texting, and even snail mail often bring surprises. I've learned to love what I call, "the invisible hearts in my life." Yet, in the blink of an eye things can change and suddenly find one in a place they needed to be and didn't know it. I hope you find joy, and it grows daily during this time.

    Now to your battle. Sheesh, let'e not make it easy, huh? Kenny sent me to college quite a few mornings. This song still brings tears and some strange longings I thought I'd overcome. You're right - he is 'Jazz vocal' and no one tops him. I hear the first note and know the man. I drink him in like a fine wine. I even attempted piano in college so I could learn to tickle the keys, like we hear here (smile). Everything in his version thrills me. I lose the sense of being alone and look at a larger picture. I am never alone.

    Donna Summer and I go way back too. She is singing, "home for eternity," and I get that. Listening to her I got more of a feeling of "funeral" theme, rather than the "Holidays" theme. No sweat, it is very pretty. She too has a voice that's unmistakable when I hear it. I liked disco and many of her songs touched my life, leaving great memories.

    After several plays of each version, I still find my attraction to Kenny Loggins. The voice, the music arrangement, the predominance of piano and organ... my vote goes to him.
    Great choice for a battle.


  9. I've always liked Kenny Loggins, but in this case I vote for Donna Summer. I love the feeling in her voice. Please don't work yourself into exhaustion, and please do not perpetuate the myth that there is a war on Christmas. My blog is listed in the participants as WOMEN: WE SHALL OVERCOME. I've changed my title, so please include me as Janie Junebug Righting & Editing.


  10. StMc~
    Oh dear. I hate it that Reno hasn't turned out to be filled with the pot of gold at the end of your rainbow. It's so hard when we are *so sure* that if we just do this *one thing* life will become more like the vision we have in our heads. In your case, that was move to Reno. The problem is that wherever you go there you are. Nah, I didn't say that. I believe it was Buckaroo Bonzai. He had a ridiculous name, but that idea is pretty well on the money. I've fallen into the trap that if I just do *this" then I'll be happy. I wish...

    I'm putting you back on my prayer list. I hope that you find joy in your heart that transcends wherever you are. Heck, I hope I find joy in my heart that transcends where I am.

    As for the song... this wasn't even that hard for me. I much preferred the Kenny Loggins version. However, I like Donna Summer and have had MacArthur Park in my head since BoTB a month ago. She was a very talented lady.

    Feel better my friend!

  11. First off, I prefer the Donna Summer version better. Her clear voice and her styling of it appealed to me more. She sings so effortlessly. I was also one of the Disco Sucks gals (teen) but I did like the Radio song and Let's Dance. Kenny Loggins sings it well too but I would still choose Donna over Kenny. Oh that sucks not to be home over Christmas. It can be easy to give in to the sadness but I hope you can buy a little tree at the dollar store and a little poinsettia (mine always die on me since I am the kiss of death when it comes to plants) and play some Christmas music and watch some great films like..oooh let me think....Oh yes, "It's A Wonderful Life", Miracle on 34th St", "Going My Way"...The list is long. Sip a nice egg nog and enjoy the moment. I might make you hang your head low because I am not overly religious (sorry) but Jesus did exist and Peace and Goodwill to men is universal. I proudly say Merry CHRISTmas to everyone and if they take offense, that's their problem, not mine. I have 2 beautiful nativity scenes that are proudly displayed-one in the Byzantine style and the other are hand-carved figures from Tyrol. I send you Merry Christmas wishes now and I will again before Christmas arrives.

  12. Donna Summer just blew me away. I never knew she could sing like that. I expected a cross between this song and "She Works Hard For The Money," and I was happily disappointed. She gets my vote.

  13. Nothing wrong with Donna Summer, I like some of her music too. But for this battle, I prefer Kenny Loggins. A live concert version of a song had better be spectacular if I'm going to consider it for a win, and this time, her version did not impress me much.

  14. Yeah disco sux yet I remember doing my best Deney Terrio imitation in my bedroom when I should have been doing my homework. What a dork. I wasn't a cool guy like you back in high school...but try sitting still listening to 'Serpentine Fire', am I right?

    Deciding between these two choices of yours is like playing chess with myself. So I flipped a coin and it landed on its side. Maybe if Donna Summer's version had not been live I would have chosen it, but I will go with the Kenny Loggins version.

    On Chewy, On Tavo, On Travolta...


  15. A day late making the rounds...busy at work as well.

    Dude-you just called Airheadzona "home."

    I feel ya, though-I have only been around family for the holidays a couple of times in the last 20 years.

    I thought I was going to go with Loggins since I was familiar with it, but I have always had a soft spot for Ms. Summer as well (great voice, not her fault disco was the thing when she started out).

    I like the vocal performance a lot on her version-never heard it before, but it's getting ymy vote.


  16. *holds head high* I liked disco, and did not think it sucked. Well, not all the time. I have to admit I liked the male groups/singers better than the female. Those high notes have always hurt my ears. I could take some female singers on a song-by-song basis, Donna being one of the better singers. Irene Cara being the one I usually turned off.

    Don't be a lonely boy; I'll visit ya :)

    As for the battle, kinda tough. both actually sang pretty well, I'm glad Donna did not do this as a disco, lol. Weird as it seems, I did not care for Loggins at first, but the longer I listened, the more I liked it. Had the opposite with Donna. So, Kenny gets my vote; his was just a little more "homey" sounding.

    Later Dude; don't overwork yourself for the man.

  17. Another tough one. I do been had remembered Kenny Loggins version. You see Cathy Dooley liked Kenny Loggins and seeing as I liked Cathy Dooley, I liked Kenny Logins too. Yup, I rolled that way early. But when you put him up against a very much rewritten version by Donna Summer I need to vote for Donna. See I have a mind of my own now. Unless of course you vote for Kenny then I am apt to change it. Nonetheless, Donna's version was quite nice and I enjoy some of her other tunes as well in a very quet fashion as if I admitted that to any of the League members I would be kicked out. But I am my own man now, so Donna it is....I think.

  18. Stephen, my brother, I am in the same boat as you - getting around late but promising to finish the task by Dec. 7! My cough-cough turned into pneumonia at a most inconvenient time. Meh.

    I'm not a purist where different genres of music are concerned and I can find songs I like in everything from classical to country to pop....and disco! I actually like the Bee Gees - that should tell you something.

    Kenny Loggins' mellow vibe is awesome and it is one of the songs I play around the holidays. Nuttin' wrong with it all.

    But I've never heard Donna Summer's version till now - and it blows me away. I loved her version so much, so thank you for that!

    On a side note...I realize that I like Donna Summer so much more than Whitney Houston...

    My vote is for DONNA SUMMER!!

  19. Well I'm sorry to hear your holidays are gonna be on the lonely side. I hope they're at least pleasant for you, and if time allots, I have a lot of good Christmas movies I need catching up on, so...

    I'll admit, I am not a Disco Sux guy. But it depends on the disco. Not a fan of the old school stuff. I do like new disco though (or nu disco), which is currently being made all across the world by some very talented musicians ala Indie music. I bet I could even find some you wouldn't hate... but I won't push it.

    With that said, Donna's version wasn't bad, but Loggins' still just had a better overall sound. It was close, but I gave it to Loggins. The other B, however, had no problem choosing Loggins and didn't much care for Donna.

    So to the Log-man, we both say this.


  20. 1 of more than 1

    Now it appears word processing hates me as well as blogger, or maybe it’s just me. I don’t feel too well, and I’m not keeping up with the necessary things in life these days let alone those things I really want to express. So, now that I have typed most of a sincere comment and my word processing program simply erased all of it, at whim, let me try again.

    I’m listening to Kenny Loggins version as I type. I think you know I love this song as well as the entire CD it comes from. It has kept me company on the road many lonely trips across the vast stretches of ‘no-man’s land’ Nevada, when I travel back and forth between Idaho and Tahoe. I’m normally singing right along with Kenny at the very top of my lungs, not necessarily a pretty sight or sound (me, not Kenny) but none the less, I am truly enjoying myself, and I hope Kenny understands.

    I’ve spent a lot more years than you lost and lonely and very far from ‘home’. So much so that when I’m really caught up in a self-pitying state of mind, I fear that I don’t really know what or where ‘home’ is. I’ve moved so many times in this life and had so many experiences, some magnificent, and others not so much, that ‘home’, unfortunately, becomes a magical image that seems more a part of some fantasy, than a reality.

    Sure, I remember the great Christmases with my parents. As an only child, I didn’t grow up surrounded by the laughter of other children, but the absolutely wacky people my parents were, more than made up for that. I was a child born late in the life of these two wonderful people. Don’t get me wrong they were not without some of the general flaws of the human race, and their life choices helped to turn the color of their world more grey than white, but when it came to me and the decisions in my upbringing there was nothing but love involved. The zest for life the two of them shared and the fact that I was never left out, made for some life experiences that helped shape me into the ‘nutbar’ I am today, and for that I am eternally grateful. I miss them more than I could ever explain. I miss being loved unconditionally and knowing there was always, Always, ALWAYS someone there for me, no matter the number of miles between us. I can only hope they still know and feel the love and gratitude I have for them.

  21. 2 of more than 2, maybe...

    Through all of the pain and loneliness that exist in any of our lives I have finally come to understand that this longing for ‘home’ really has nothing to do with time, place, or even people, but a longing for our eternal home. Yes, we truly are all ‘strangers in a strange land’, trying to find our way back. Always, looking toward that final adventure that takes us ‘home’, hopefully. To me, this what this song is really about. Each and every minute of our lives is a celebration of our finding our way home, and for each of us the journey is a little bit different. Some may struggle more, some may lose their way and fall farther off the proper track, and some may have a smooth sail, but all of us need to find our own way. A kind Heavenly Father and his son Jesus Christ, provided that we shouldn’t have to walk this lonely path alone and that our celebration should be shared, but again that is our choice also, most of the time.

    Don’t you just hate it when someone uses the comment section to make YOUR blog all about them? I really, Really, REALLY try not to do that, most times. I guess this was one of the exceptions. Chalk it up to the fact that I’m sick again, and sick and tired of it. Pretty sick and tired of it all, really.

    Anyway…Donna did a much better job on this tune than I expected. I never hated disco, just also never got into it that much. She had some very nice music out and for some reason, I’m not ever sure why, she seemed like a genuine person. I like a lot of her stuff.

    BUT, there is something about Kenny’s version that speaks to me; musically, lyrically, and even spiritually. There is no option for me but to give him my vote wholeheartedly and then some. IMO, this is one BATTLE that should have been a SHUT-OUT, but then what do I know, except for my own heart.

    Surprisingly I managed to fit all of this is just 2 comment sections Just thought I should say so that you would know; I'm done now.

  22. I thought for sure I was going to give my vote of Donna Summer, but Kenny Loggins just seemed a bit smoother for me. My vote goes for Kenny Loggins. Good battle!

  23. Hi Stephen, I'm sorry that you've been working 12.5 hour shifts, and that you won't be spending Christmas with your family. You're such a good person, and maybe when things slow down, you'll get to have a belated celebration. There's always Groundhog Day to look forward to!

    Excellent BOTB choices! I'm also a huge fan of On The Radio, along with other Donna Summer hits. As talented as she was, I think Kenny Loggins deserves this win. He conveys a certain sincerity that really brings it home. P.S. At first I thought Bryan's photo was Jeremiah Johnson. Who is that manly man?


  24. Stephen, You sound like a real workaholic! You're putting in some crazy hours. At least you have a job. That's more than some of us can say at the moment, including present company. DH still hasn't found a job yet. :( BUT, I know everything will work out in the end because God is in control. Can I say the G word here? lol Of course, I can! We have like minds where this goes I'm happy to say. This song I do not remember. I'm not a shame to say, I was a disco chick "back in the day". So, yes I still respect you for liking Donna Summers. :) I think it's really, really cool that Donna gives Christ credit in this song at the end; after all Jesus is the reason for the season! However, I preferred Kenny Loggins smooth vocals and the general feel of the music a bit more. If you haven't noticed by now, I generally like a man's voice better. So, give my vote to Mr. Loggins, please. Nice battle. Now, try to get out to enjoy the Christmas season some!

  25. Al Bondigas here. This was a great battle, but my vote goes to Kenny Loggins hands down. His version has such a melancholy feel to it that it hits me directly in the heart. Why do people prone to depression love such melancholy music? Is I ignant? Anyway, that's it!! That's my rulin'.

  26. Sucks you can't go home indeed. Blah to that many hours, damn that is just insane. I think I'd rather stay jobless, although talk to me when I run out of dough lol

    Kenny Loggins wins it for me. A more smooth version and brings the spirit of it to life more.

  27. My sincerest apologies to EVERYONE who has taken the time and trouble to listen and vote here.

    As you all know, ordinarily I respond to each comment individually, and I wish I could do that again now (especially since there are so many A-list comments here) but I am simply swamped with work.

    Now, at Christmas time - the most wonderful time of the year - when I MOST want to have down time to savor and enjoy all the elements of the season, I find that I am busier than I've ever been.

    Where I work, we are very understaffed at the moment so EVERY HOUR of the entire work week is falling on me. I'm not kidding when I say that I am working 12.5 hour days and when I get home I have just enough time to shower and prepare my lunch for the next day, maybe glance at my Email, and then hit the sack. I am NOT digging this and I hope the company gets me some help very, very soon - BEFORE the entire CHRISTmas season passes me by.

    I just now got out my Advent Calendar, and instead of hanging ornament #1 (for the first day of December) I had to start with Day #6 (a little train ornament), and then go backwards until all six ornaments were on the little wooden calendar tree.

    Please forgive me for not responding to y'all. And please know that I appreciate every vote and every comment and that I hope things have settled down for me by the time we get to the DECEMBER 15th BOTB, so I can resume my normal blogging / comment section activities.

    The winner of this Battle will be announced tomorrow at about 04:45 AM, just before I have to leave for work again. (I'll be getting home at about 19:00, or 7:00 PM.) It's a rotten job but someone has to do it.

    ~ D-FensDogG
    'Loyal American Underground'

    1. Hang in there. You're completely forgiven. At least by me.

    2. That's rough! :( Hope you get some help soon, Stephen and no apologies necessary. Life often gets in the way of blogging. Hang in there!

  28. You are forgiven. No worries about responding, we know you are working hard.

  29. Part 1 Of 2:

    STMcC’s Vote On '2015, Dec. 1st: Battle Of The Bands'
    (Or, 'Kenny Loggins Versus Donna Summer')
    And The Final Tally:

    The first thing I want to tell all y'all is that THIS BATTLE was put together - and entirely written - last December. Yep! Originally I had planned to use this as a 2014, December 1st or 15th Battle.

    I can no longer recall WHY I changed my mind and decided to use two other match-ups last year instead of this one. But I never do anything without a reason, so there must have been one.

    But rather than scrap this Battle altogether, I saved it in a Word File to use THIS year. I'm glad I did, too, because I've been so busy working (mostly 12.5-hour days, and got my first day off since Thanksgiving Day last Saturday) that it was a great thing I had this Battle pre-written and just waiting 12 months to be used.

    All I needed to do was a wee bit o' editing (e.g., adding the part about not being home for Christmas this year, which wasn't true 12 months ago) and voila! Done.

    I was sure that Kenny Loggins would win this Battle, but I really liked how Donna Summer sang the song. I liked the fact that she took it and altered the genre, creating a GOSPEL song from it. This Battle was Original Vs. Cover; Male Vs. Female; Pop Hit Vs. Little-Known Gospel Song.

    I loved all the contrasts, and although I felt certain Kenny would win, I knew for sure that Donna was gonna score some votes. I've never had a BOTB shutout yet, and I would have bet the farm (and YOUR LIFE, too) that this wouldn't be my first.

    DONNA SUMMER, despite her undeniable underdog status, was more than holding her own for quite awhile. In fact, after the first 17 votes were recorded, KENNY LOGGINS had only a one-vote lead (9 to 8).

    Unfortunately for DONNA, that's the point where she stalled, never getting another vote in the Battle, while the votes for KENNY began piling up until this Battle became a blowout.

    Continued Below...

    1. Part 2 Of 2:

      As much as I like DONNA's reinterpretation of this song and her glorifying God and our Savior, Christ Yeshua, my vote also goes to KENNY. He's such a terrific singer.

      I'll tell you the truth, I think the KENNY LOGGINS album 'CELEBRATE ME HOME' is the best collection he ever recorded. I like it better than the stuffs he did with Messina, and I like it way, Way, WAY better'n any of the massive hits he scored afterwards. 'CELEBRATE ME HOME' is a very Jazzy album that contains originals as well as covers of Standards. It illustrates that LOGGINS was one of the best singers in Rock/Pop history. (Frankly, I think he was quite possibly THE best!)

      Sadly, 'CELEBRATE ME HOME' did not do well in the sales department and Kenny's subsequent albums went in a more Pop direction. And that's when major success came to him (hits like 'WHENEVER I CALL YOU "FRIEND"', 'THIS IS IT', 'I'M ALRIGHT', 'HEART TO HEART', 'FOOTLOOSE', and 'DANGER ZONE'), but other than 'Footloose', I didn't like any of his hits and I never purchased a Kenny Loggins album after 'CELEBRATE ME HOME'. I know what I like, and today, 'CELEBRATE ME HOME' is one of my Top 25 most frequently played compact discs.

      Kenny Loggins = 18 votes
      Donna Summer = 8 votes

      Yep, despite a great start, it turned into a huge blowout.

      As always, my thanks to ALL Y'ALL for taking the time to listen and vote. And AGAIN I APOLOGIZE for not responding to your comments individually. This is the FIRST time that has happened (and I hope the LAST). I would have responded if I could have, but working is all I'm doing now and I don't even have my Christmas tree decorated yet. (Normally, that happens the day after Thanksgiving!)

      I've got something kind of special planned for my DECEMBER 15th BOTB, so I hope you will all return. I also hope that I'm working Human Hours then, so I can address your comments like I ordinarily do.

      Happy Christmas and Merry Holidays!

      ~ Stephen
      'Loyal American Underground'

    2. On the losing end again! Sigh.....Oh well, it was an interesting battle, regardless. I agree that Kenny Loggins' solo work is much better than anything he did with Messina.
      Hope your work situation improves, Stephen and that you will be able to have some Christmas joy.

    3. Thanks, DEBBIE! Next week should definitely be better: only working 42.5 hours.

      I know you're not posting any Battles until sometime in mid-January or February but I sure hope you'll be able to find time to vote over here, as my next three Battles will have some unique elements to them that should be interesting (at least to me).

      ~ D-FensDogG

  30. Very decent outcome to this Battle. It was meant for this year I think.

    Arlee Bird
    Wrote By Rote

  31. Wow! 12 months in the making. To be honest, I've been kind of doing the same thing with another set of postings I'll be doing in April. Well, planning it anyway, not actually doing the posts.

  32. I love it when it seems like something "doesn't work out" and then it totally does. (I'm talking about your pre-written, but unused post from last year... in case you were wondering.)

    I'm sorry you're working such crazy hours. I'm praying that situation resolves soon. Hang in there!

  33. We'll see you on Dec. 15th!
    Be well, be safe, be joyful!

  34. Whatever the timing, I'm glad this one finally came up in your BOTB. I love this song. I bet I already said that, but it bears repeating. I think Donna made a respectable showing, considering how great Kenny's version is. IMO this should have been a shut-out, but then I felt the same way about my last BATTLE.

    1. Well, FAE, I can't say I agree with you on either count. In both cases (your Battle and mine), the artists I voted for won. But I couldn't see either contest being a shutout.

      Johnny and Donna were just too good to deserve shutouts against their competition. Yep, I liked Judy and Kenny better, but not to such a degree that I think shutouts were in order.

      Now, Pete Seeger losing to Andy Griffith & Joanna Moore, and the B-52s losing to Paul Simon, THOSE I feel were shutout worthy (even though it didn't happen). But Mathis and Summer (at least on 'Celebrate Me Home') wouldn't have deserved such beatings.

      My next BOTB though... that one could (and probably should) be a shutout. We'll see.

      ~ D-FensDogG


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