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Thursday, December 10, 2015

StephenT.McCarthyOnEverything About FredOnEverything

This blog bit is just a little warm up for my December 15th 'Battle Of The Bands' installment which seems to be shaping up to possibly be a politically incorrect shutout. (Perhaps it'll even inspire an urban riot, if things go well:o)

The odds are that you've never read anything written by the two best writers writing today. (You've read stuffs by me, so obviously I'm not referring to myself here. Besides that, I'm only #3 on that list anyway.)

No, I'm yakking about SELWYN DUKE who is a former professional tennis player and is currently a professional political writer. His great stuffs can be found HERE. Selwyn writes highly logical, penetrating insights which always contain a few lines that make me feel jealous that I'd not thought of them first. He's conservative, which by definition implies he's a racist, misogynistic, mean-spirited jerk. Of course I like him!

But I think my #1 favorite political writer has to be FRED REED of the website FredOnEverything. Fred, a former Marine who fought in Vietnam, lives in Mexico with his Mexican woman. He dislikes War, Feminism, Republicans, Democrats, and most of the other things that I also dislike. He says you have to smoke Drano to believe in Evolution, and yet he still couldn't maintain that belief long because there's just not enough Drano in the world.


Fred Reed will never be as famous as he otter be because he makes way too much sense (Logic? Eeeek!), and he's as politically incorrect as I am (Double-eeeek!)

I've blogged about my dear blogging buddy ANNIEE McPHEE several times. She who went back to Heaven suddenly and much too young. It was she, McPhee, who turned me on to Fred Reed circa 2010: FredOnEverything.org. It was also she who created the following meme that I have displayed on one or more of my blogs ever since she passed away:

I still miss Anniee a great deal. She was absolutely a one-of-a-kind original, and I can't say that about many folks. She and I used to get into these incredible, long-running comment section discussions. And recognizing in me that same fighting spirit that she possessed, Anniee once wrote: I love when you go on a good rant! It's like the lion inside the churchmouse : D

I treasure every one of Anniee’s complimentary comments, but perhaps the sentences I hold most dear are these: “Hugs - thanks for being a friend through rough times. It means the world to me.”

Like all real love it comes from God…
I've said it before and I'll likely say it again; this ain't "Inherit the Wind". 

The NOW feminists were calling me "Manniee" for at least a year, and assumed I was a man under a false identity. I took it as a compliment.

There are even a few earthly people who still love me too. We'll see how that all plays out in the end I suppose and meet on the golden shores eventually either way.
I shall brave the cesspools of leftist hatred for you and bring you back turds that I shall then fashion into gems before your eyes. Or at least I'll mock the shit out of them. There shall be f-bombs. There shall be offensive terms. There shall be hyperbole and metaphor and rhetoric. I hope there shall be laughs. The best thing to do to evil is to laugh at it; the devil cannot stand to be mocked. So for those about to mock, I salute you.
~ Anniee McPhee (aka "The Shredder") http://theshredder918.blogspot.com/2011/01/welcome-noobs.html
What a shocker that Anniee was a fan of the snarky Fred Reed. Who coulda-woulda guessed that? Ha!

And now some excerpts from snarky FRED REED website articles...

The Revolution of 2019 began, curiously enough, in fall of 2019 when Mary Lou Johnson, the nine-year-old daughter of a ranching family outside of Casper, Wyoming, came home from her sex-ed class at Martin Luther King Elementary with a banana, a packet of condoms, and a book called Sally Has Two Mommies. Her mother Janey Lou, a political reactionary, took one look and began screaming. [...]

She grabbed the shotgun, a nice Remington 870 loaded with double-ought buck, and headed for the school. [...]

The uprising, which had started locally with Janey Lou’s shotgun, began to spread both geographically and in its content. Apparently people were fed up with a lot of things. Nobody in government had noticed. [...]

The rest is well known. Congress in its entirety was slaughtered, and hung upside-down from lamp posts though, unlike Mussolini, they were not emasculated. It was pretty much agreed that they had taken care of this themselves long ago. 

Peace returned. Janey Lou put away the shotgun, and made lunch.
~ 'REBELLION OF 2019: The Second American Revolution'

The trouble with basing your identity on fighting discrimination is that if you run out of discrimination, you don’t know who you are.

Off it flies. Never having seen another wasp, or anything else, it finds one, and knows how to mate. (Mating, if you think about it, is a rather more complex process than it may seem to high-schoolers. Some insects mate while flying, which compounds the trickiness. Think airline pilots and stewardesses.)

I've been consulting with the National Football League. I want to learn how to dropkick a radical feminist. It's harder than it looks. They aren't real aerodynamic, so it's a bear to get a good spiral. Hang time is better with the scrawny ones, but you don't get much velocity.

I'm prepared to practice.

Aaaagh! Enough. I keep reading that I should Honor Our Troops. On airline flights, I am asked to applaud Our Young Men in Uniform. Why, for God’s sake? What have Our Troops done for me except cause me great embarrassment, cost money better spent on anything else, and kill millions of people that I have had no interest in killing? For this I am to thank them?

No, they don’t have noble motives. Men join the military because they need a job, because they want money for college or because they are bored or want to prove their manhood or go to exotic places and get laid. Basic training, jump school, being a tank gunner or doing nocturnal scuba insertions are much more appealing to a young man than selling fan belts at the NAPA outlet. 

Patriotism? “Love of country” is an after-market add-on, good for a drink or a pat on the back at the Legion--nothing more than an expression of the pack instinct that makes men in all places and times join in groups to fight other groups. The pack instinct is why tribal warfare is continual among primitive peoples, why war, otherwise inexplicable, remains incessant between modern countries. [...] 

We must not notice this, or the other feral dogs will turn on us. If you say that soldiers are morally indistinguishable from Mafia hit-men, you will arouse outrage—but there is no difference. A soldier who has never heard of Vietnam or Iraq goes when ordered to kill Vietnamese and Iraqis, and duly kills them. Guido and Vito, who have never heard of Hyman Blitzschein the store-owner who is behind on his protection payments, break Hyman’s leg when ordered to. What is the difference? [...]

It is de rigueur to speak of our boys fighting to defend America and our way of life, and to speak of their sacrifices. In the Fifties this spirit was exemplified by Superman jumping out of a window, while the voice-over intoned  “truth, justice, and the American way,” then thought to be related.

Actually soldiers are more sacrificed than sacrificing. Precisely how killing Afghan goat-herds protects the United States is not clear: careful students of geography have argued that Afghanistan is somewhere else. The evidence does seem to support this.

At something called the Harvard Gazette, apparently a literary asylum for ed-majors, sociologists, and the mildly brain-damaged, the female inmates are riled because there are not enough girls in computer science. Yes, discrimination. Their eyes agleam with the dull light of incomprehension, they moo, “When you make computer science about creative problem-solving, when you make it social, when it’s not scary and intimidating, and when you show people who look like real human beings rather than people who’ve been stuck in a basement …more girls will be attracted to it.”

Oh god, oh god, oh god. We’re going backwards. I told you Darwin was wrong. Gerbils to the right, gerbils to the left, and not a thought to think.

Intimidating. Intimidating? Dear ladies, dear dear ladies, for men coding isn’t intimidating. It isn’t scary. It is really, really neat stuff. It is neat stuff for us because that’s how our heads work. You don’t need to bait guys into programming. You just show it to them and go do something else. Computers appeal to guys for the same reason girls appeal to us: it is built in.  [...]

You can’t make it social. No one codes while in a salon while polishing doilies (or whatever you do with them. I’m not too technical on doilies.) You can’t program, or I can’t anyway, while having a cooperative bonding experience and listening to Sally doing relationship talk about her latest boyfriend. 

For guys, computing is like love at first sight, but without child support. [...]

And here, ladies, we come to (eeeek!) a gender difference. As we all know, men have been saying since three weeks before the Big Bang that women are not rational. This is not quite true. As long as their emotions and politics are not involved, women can be quite rational. For example, if a woman needs to use PhotoShop, which is a savage bear of a program, she will learn it and in all likelihood learn it well. But, while a woman will learn a thing despite its complexity, because she needs it, a man will learn it because of its complexity, whether he needs it or not.

This is not to say that Fred'sRightOnEverything. When it comes to cops, it seems to me that Fred'sWrongOnEverything, despite the fact that writing about cops for 'The Washington Times' was once his bread and butter (or cartridges and magazines?) And I've not yet found any N.W.O. awareness in Fred's writings, which means the "WHY" (Bigger Picture) of the (seeming) government and social insanity may escape him at times.

Nevertheless, he's about the most entertaining writer out there; a clear thinker with an A-list snarky sense o' humor. (If you've never enjoyed my political writings, don't go to FredOnEverything.org, as he'll likely just piss you off even worse than I ever did.) 

Hopefully this has prepared you in some way for my next 'BOTB' installment. I'm still thinking it over, trying to decide just how controversial I'm going to make it. Trying to balance the Spirit of "Christmas" with my natural inclination to be critical, mean-spirited, and insensitive. (You're a mean one, Mr. Mc!)

~ Stephen T. McCarthy


  1. Anniee was something else! What she wrote about honoring soldiers was so spot-on I am forwarding it to friends. I was saying this a week ago to my wife, only I was not nearly as eloquent.

    I checked out F.O.E., and there is some pretty fun stuff there. It looks well worth spending time. Of course, I still have plenty of old stuffs on "Stuffs" and Ferret-Faced Fascist Friends that I've not yet read that I should read foist.

    1. SBB-6 ~
      Anniee was something else INDEED! But... are you a wee bit o' confused? (Or maybe it's me who are.)

      If you're referring to the stuffs about honoring soldiers posted above (here in this blog bit), that's Fred what wrote that.

      Awww, don't worry about my old stuffs. I appreciate the tawt, but that's just old stuffs. I'm pleased enough that you find time for the new stuffs (BOTB).

      Got yer E.
      Will r-E-ply and... yak soon.

      ~ D-FensDogG
      'Loyal American Underground'

    2. I AM confused!!! In my defense, I read the blog bit and wrote it at 2 am... and I musta been drifting.

      SO, conclusions?
      1) Anniee WAS "sumpin' else"
      2) Fred wrote a spot-on bit about soldiers!!!

      Credit where credit is due. And I get credit for being a chowderhead.

    3. No problem, man. Shit happens.

      But now you know why I drink copious amounts of beer! It gives me a built-in excuse for being a chowderhead.

      ~ D-FensDogG

  2. Anniee's last quote you used was awesome haha

    Fred sure is dead on with Patriotism, no different than hitmen. The sheep follow blindly though.

    1. PAT ~
      Ahh, man, I'm glad to find you're the kind of man who appreciates things written by real men (Fred, and Anniee... who was more of a real man than many males I've met!)

      It seems you're my kind of guy, man! :o)

      I've been calling them the "Americonned Sheeple" for years. I'm surprised my expression hasn't caught on yet.

      ~ D-FensDogG
      'Loyal American Underground'

    2. haha I like Sheeple, I usually just go with sheep or fluoride heads. Keep the masses stupid and in need of drugs from big pharma, fluoride heads galore.

      Fred sure has some great views indeed as I was looking at his site.

  3. This Fred guy might be a fine writer, but here's the true test of greatness as a writer in our time: Can he write fantasy and science fiction? Who wants to read relevant crap?

    Can't imagine what you have in store for the next Battle, but should be interesting.

    Arlee Bird
    Wrote By Rote

    1. LEE McBIRD ~
      Aww, you are so right! And come to think of it, I haven't seen anything he's written that even mentions zombies, sparkling vampires, or fighter pilots from Starfleet 86.

      Hell, not only does he NOT praise female warriors, he's even gone so far as to say women shouldn't be allowed as combat troops.

      I guess the closest he's gotten to great writing by modern standards is his 'Fifty Shades Of Government Shit' (and even I had to help him with that title).

      Never mind Fred. I don't know what I was going on and on about.

      My next BOTB is still being formed in my mind. Trying to decide exactly what to do with it and how far I wanna go with it. (I'll bet none of ya ever thought that I really think so hard about stuffs before I post it, eh?)

      ~ D-FensDogG

    2. Well, be careful and don't hurt yourself. Thinking can be dangerous.

      Arlee Bird
      Wrote By Rote


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